Buy VHS Tapes Instead of DVD’s = A lot of savings

One of the best ways that I save on entertainment these days if by buying VHS tapes instead of DVD’s.

Where to find VHS players – These days, VHS players are pretty hard to find, but if you go to pawn shops or look on eBay, you can pick one up for a good price. And, it will definitely pay for itself along the way! See the eBay link below if you have trouble finding one.

A good example of the savings you can receive from buying VHS instead of DVD was highlighted to me when I recently purchased two of my favorite trilogies – Lord of the Rings and Indian Jones

Price Comparison –

Lord of the Rings – $23 for DVD trilogy (see link below), $9.99 + free shipping for VHS trilogy. Same movies, half the cost!

Just an idea to think about next time you want to buy a movie! Let me know of your success stories!

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