Favorite Discount, Low Cost Online Brokers – Individual Stock Trading

Although I am a big support of the Efficient Market Theories (more on this and index mutual funds later) and that you cannot beat the market long term by buying and selling individual stocks, I do believe it is healthy to commit some “play” money to this activity. If you feel the same way, the broker’s below can help you out!

1. Sogotrade – Sogotrade is a division of Genesis Securities (a member of the NYSE). They offer some of the lowest trading fees available at $3/trade and only a $500 minimum account balance. Free to open an account!

Sogotrade.com – Account Sign Up

SogoTrade Commission Schedule
  • Equity Trades
  • Online (market or limit)* $3
    Unlimited shares *
    Broker-Assisted ** $27
    Unlimited shares **
  • Option Trades
  • Online $5.00 plus 65¢ per contract
    Broker-Assisted ** $27.00 plus 65¢ per contract
    Options exercise/assignment $15
    Account minimum $500.00
    Electronic funds transfers Unlimited / free
    Inactivity fees None
    Subscription fees None

  • 2. Zecco Trading – Zecco used to offer free share trading, but they recently ceased that and increased the price per trade for market orders to $4.50. So, it is still very discounted. The account details are shown below.

Click on the following link to open an account:
Invest the smart way with Zecco Trading. Stock trades cost just $4.50. Get 10 free trades per month with a $25,000 balance or 25 trades/month. No account minimums or inactivity fees. Member FINRA/SIPC.

Equity Trades

Equity trades include stock and ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds). With Zecco Trading, you get 10 free stock trades every month when you maintain a $25,000 net equity balance or execute at least 25 trades each month (paid or free). Otherwise it’s just $4.50 per trade. See details. (Note: There are transactional fees on sell orders in the free trades.)
Zecco Trading E*Trade TD Ameritrade Scottrade OptionsXpress
Internet Free $12.99 $9.99 $7.00 $14.95 (0-8 trades per quarter)
and $9.95 (9 trades + /quarter)
Broker Assisted $19.99 $12.99
$44.99 $27.00 $9.95

Account Minimum & Inactivity Fees

Zecco Trading E*Trade TD Ameritrade Scottrade OptionsXpress
Inactivity fees None $40.00 per/quarter
after first year
None None None
Account Minimum (1) None None None $500 None

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