How do my living expenses compare after switching from living in Virginia to living in the Northeast?

Since recently moving from Virginia to the Northeast (philly suburbs), I frequently get asked how the cost of living compares between the two places. So, here ya go world! :) After all, you have to love how right now, gas in philly is $2.79 per gallon while in Virginia, it is $2.59 per gallon.

Virginia Living Expenses (per month)

A nice, spacious 1 bdrm apartment – $750
Water, trash fee, sewer – included (no extra charge)
Electricity (includes heat) –  $50
Internet – $35

VA Total = $835

Philly Suburbs Living Expenses (per month)

A nice, spacious 1 bdrm apartment – $1300
Internet – $38
PECO Electricity bill – $38
Renter’s Insurance – $15
Trash fee – $5
Water service fee – $9
Sewer service fee – $11.14
Gas-cooking fee – $5
Gas Bill (heating) – $31
Electricity processing fee – $17
Gas service fee – $7

Philly total = $1476

As one of my friends would say, FANTASTIC!!!

And the kicker is…get ready for it! There is no adjustment in pay for this cost of living difference…So, by working in a cheaper place, you are basically giving yourself an automatic raise! Food for thought next time you’re searching for jobs.


  1. You also have to keep in mind that it’s naturally more expensive to live in the city.

    Here are my expenses in a little PA town called Lansdale:
    – A (fairly) nice, spacious, 1BR apt – $850
    – Water, trash, sewage – included
    – Electricity – $25
    – Internet – $38

    Lansdale Total = $913

    I’m not denying that it’s more expensive in the Northeast. But I thought I’d provide some extra perspective.

  2. Hi Raficus! Thanks so much for the comment. Sorry about my delayed response. I just now saw your post!

    That is great to get another perspective on things! Thanks for reading!

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