– Budgeting / Personal Finance Tool Website – FREE!!!

This website is a great find that the newsletter that comes from my apartment complex directed me to!

First off, what is the best thing about this website? It is a FREE tool to use. Completely Free. Yes, Free.

Essentially, what you do is go to the website, and it allows you to link your credit cards, savings accounts, checking accounts, car loans, bank loans, house payments, etc all to your account. These are secure connections that are read only, so does not steal your information.

Once your information is entered, you can then track your spending (see categories that you spend the most in, and what percentage this occurs in), see your investment performance compared to the market averages and what your asset allocation levels are. Overall, a very useful tool! Give it a try.

How about you all? What’s the best personal finance software out there that you’ve found?

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