Stop Using Cash or Your Debit Card, Make Money

I have a question for everyone out there reading this. Which of the following choices is better?
a) A 100% loss
b) A 99% loss
The answer is clear: a 99% loss would be better than a total/complete loss any day. Since this answer is so simple, I wanted to share something that breaks my heart every time I see it when I am out with friends so everyone can ponder it.
Scenario: I am out eating dinner or having some beer with my friends. We are having a great time – good conversation, tasty beer with lots of hops in it, and good food. Next, it comes time to pay and go home. Everyone pulls out their preferred method of payment, and what do I see?
A mixture of 1) credit cards with benefits, 2) credit cards without benefits, 3) debit cards, 4) and cash!
Choices 2, 3, and 4 give you a 100% loss on your purchase. Choice 1 gives a 99% loss or less.
So, my question then becomes, “Why bother paying with cash, debit cards, or credit cards that have no benefits or cash back?” Once they provide a sub-par answer, I the proceed to encourage them to apply for one of the many cash-back or other benefit credit cards available at one of the links listed below that will enable them to make money.
You may be asking yourself, “What would be the reasons/circumstances when you would want to use a debit card or cash instead of a credit card with benefits?” I believe there are three situations when it is beneficial to abstain from using your favorite credit card.
1) When your purchase is less than $2, and you feel bad for making the establishment from which you are purchasing pay the credit card fee for such a small amount.
2) You are unable to control your spending if you have credit cards, and you keep getting yourself farther and farther in to debt by using your card.
3) You are in another country, and using a credit card incurs a foreign currency fee.
So, visit those websites and select a cash back (or other type of benefit) credit card that you like, and start saving money!
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