Ways to Maximize Benefits of Your Credit Card – Part 1

This is part 1 of a series of ways in which you can maximize the benefits of the credit cards you use. It is truly amazing how you can take advantage of things you never knew just by asking! So, let’s get started!
1)   Tip Number 1 – Request credit limit increases
The first way that you can maximize the benefits of the credit card you use by simply asking questions is to make sure that you currently have the maximum credit limit possible.
While I do not suggest that you use the added credit amount to make additional purchases, I believe that it is always beneficial to have extra funds available in your credit card credit limit in case of emergencies (examples include – being stuck at the airport in Argentina after a trip and having to buy an emergency ticket home, etc).
The method to request a credit limit increase is simple: 1) pick up your credit card, turn it over to the backside, and 2) call the 1-800 customer support number listed and select whatever option you need to to talk to a real, warm-blooded person. 3) Then, simply ask the customer service operator that you would like to request a credit limit increase. 4) They will then ask you the amount that you want to increase your credit limit. I have had good success with requesting a 33% increase over your current credit limit. 5) They will then ask you if it is all right to access your credit report. Tell them this is all right. The system will then process your request and tell you if you are approved or not.
A quick note here
Since requesting a credit limit increase requires the credit card companies to access your credit score, make sure you do not request limit increases too often or on multiple cards at once. This could possibly negatively affect your credit score.
It’s that simple! I have had great success with this method. Recently, I was even able to get my credit limit increased from $8,000 to $12,000 on one of my credit cards. Not a bad jump all at once!
To summarize, I follow the several rules regarding these requests:
1) Only place requests for credit limit increases every 3 months to avoid negative effects to your credit score from frequent accessing.
2) Request credit limit increases gradually, 33% at a time is a good number.
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Have fun and keep on learning!


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