What Moving Expenses Can I Deduct on My Taxes?

If you’ve recently moved because of a job relocation (greater than the required distance by the IRS), you have no doubt wondered what expenses are eligible to deduct on your taxes associated with the move.

To answer this question question in the most straight-forward, no frills way possible, I put together the list of eligible deductions below to help you save money moving:

  • Hotels/lodging en route to your new home. Save your receipts.
  • Gas expenses incurred en route. Save your receipts.
  • Household goods relocation services/fees associated with your move. Save your receipts.
  • Mileage added to your car during the move. For 2009, the standard deduction rate was $0.24 per mile (see link below). For example, in my move from VA to PA, the distance was 293 miles. 293 mi x $0.24 per mi = $70.32 to deduct on my taxes.

2009 IRS Standard Mileage Deduction Rates

There you go! Plain and simple for you!

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