Dog Fostering – Low Cost Alternative to Pet Ownership

In a previous post (My Money Blog – Cost of Pet Products), I discussed how the cost of pet products and pet ownership can be very substantial, sometimes even totaling approximately $10,000 over the lifetime of the animal). I also briefly stated that I had just signed up to provide foster care to dogs through a local dog rescue in my hometown.

In today’s post, I want to provide details of the financial benefits of dog fostering based on my experiences and explain why it can be a great lower cost alternative to dog ownership. Why is this you might be asking yourself? Easy! Because the dog rescue you work with covers the cost of almost everything incurred for the animal. Your job as the foster is simply to care for and love him/her.

Cost of Animal Health / Vet Visits
When I received my first foster dog, I was instructed by our rescue president to take the dog’s first droppings to the local vet to be analyzed for stomach parasites. I simply collected the sample and dropped it off. I did not have to pay for anything. After I got the results back of the dog being positive for several parasites, the dog rescue I work with also paid for the Panacur medicine treatment as well.

Amount saved – $25 for the fecal matter analysis, $50 for the Panacur medications = $75 total

Cost of Dog Food
As mentioned in my previous post about pets, the cost of dog food can vary greatly. However, since pet stores donate so much food to the rescue, I was given high quality food for free!

Amount saved – $25 for the bag of food = $25 total

Cost of Dog Toys, Leashes/Harnesses and Chew Bones
Essentially, the sky can be the limit on how much pet accessories cost. However, the dog rescue I work with has many of these also donated to their cause, which I was able to receive for free.

Amount saved – $20 toys, $20 leashes/harnesses, $10 chew bones = $50 total

Cost of Dog Grooming
Many of the local groomers have deals worked out with the dog rescues in the area, and as such, perform grooming of many rescued dogs for free! Very nice!

Amount saved – $65 for a full grooming (wash included, Northeast pricing) = $65 total

Totaling all of these savings up, I have been able to save $215 total. Now, in my situation, $215 is not very much for all of the companionship that a dog provides. However, because my apartment doesn’t have a yard for the dog to play around in, it is better for me to just provide foster care vs. owning a dog.

However, if you are in a situation where you really want to help out with pets, but cannot afford one, please consider fostering!!

The bottom line is that each dog/cat/whatever fostered is a life saved!

Keep on learning!


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