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As I have stated in previous posts (and as you can see by the advertisement in the website sidebar), I am an avid believer is using Netflix for receiving/viewing movies as opposed to paying for cable tv. See the link below for more details.

My Money Blog – Netflix

When I came home tonight from work, by a stroke of luck, Netflix sent me 4 one month FREE trial memberships that I can share with people, so I figured I would post them on the site!

How do you get your free Netflix trial?

  1. Go to – Tell a Friend.
  2. Enter one of the Priority Codes below, then proceed through the sign up process.
  • M783752024815
  • M723732024475
  • M773712024415
  • M713702024805

What is included in the free trial?

  • Everything that is included in a regular Netflix subscription!
    • Watch moves instantly
    • Get 1 DVD at a time delivered to your house.
    • No due dates or late fees for returns
    • Free shipping both ways for DVDs.
What’s the catch?
Actually, there is no catch here! The only thing is to make sure to terminate your membership at the end of the 1 month free trial if you do not want to proceed.
Otherwise, your credit card will be charged the next month’s fee.

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