Save Yourself 50% On Your Monthly Bills With a 5 Minute Phone Call

Today’s posting is on the glorious subject of Asking for a Discount! This is one I really enjoy talking about.

Yesterday, a reminder popped up on my Microsoft Outlook calendar that the 6-month $38/month “promotional” pricing period for my high speed internet service was expiring on June 4th of this year. On June 4th, it was slated to resume the “normal” pricing program of $60 per month.

Having realized that this was indeed a rip off, I then proceeded to call up Comcast’s customer service department, and directly told them that it simply was not acceptable to be paying $60 per month for high speed internet alone. I could see paying that price for a cable TV + internet combination, but definitely not for standalone internet!
In addition, I mentioned that if they would not be able to offer me either 1) the same price I pay now, or 2) a lower monthly price, I would cancel my service and seek out service from their competitor, Verizon, using a Verizon Wireless promo code.
Thirty seconds later, the customer service representative said that he could offer me a 6 month promotional pricing plan of $38 per month. I then proceeded to say, “Perfect! So, I can still take advantage of this and cancel when I move away from PA in 2 months?”
“Yes,” He said. I then proceeded to ask, “So, let me get this straight, you all offer this promotional pricing, but I would have never received it and paid $20 more per month if I had not simply placed a 5 minute call and request it?”
The only answer I could get out of him on this question was, “Sir – this is just a promotion.” This made me laugh.
This kind of thing is always so amazingly interesting to me. I saved myself >50% increase in my internet bill merely by calling and asking for discount. Wow! Let’s go through an example to see how powerful asking for a discount is by modeling how much I would save over 10 years of service.
Total Costs of 10 Years of Internet Service
  • Billed @ $38 per month – (after asking for discount)
    • Total Cost = $4,560
  • Billed @ $60 per month – (no taking 5 minutes to ask for a discount)
    • Total Cost =  $7,200
 Cost Differential = $2,640
Key Takeaway
So, what’s the key takeaway here?
Simple. Do not simply settle for higher prices on your utility, cable TV, and internet bills. Always have a good idea about what competitors are charging and even what your friends are paying so that you stay current and make sure you are not wasting money.
And, place yourself a reminder on your calendar to call your service providers from which you obtain pay-for-service and request a lower price.
It will only take 5 minutes. And hey, the worst they can say is, “No.”
Keep on learning!
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