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Recently, I had a request from a reader asking if I would ever start offering online seminars through my blog on various personal finance topics.
This was a very interesting question. It got me thinking that it would be helpful to readers and easier to explain several topics with some guidance over the phone and with screen sharing.
However, if I were to do this, I knew I would have to start looking for several free tools to use for desktop sharing and teleconferencing.
At the company I currently work for, we use a tool from Microsoft (I believe) called NetMeeting for hosting online meetings and screen sharing. However, with this, all meeting participants have to have the NetMeeting software downloaded on their computer (which I believe is NOT free to use).
After doing a little research on the web, I found the website shown below – DimDim.
I like using the DimDim online meeting interface because it has the following features:
  • It is FREE to use.
  • You can host a meeting with up to 20 partcipants.
  • It has a video/audio sharing application built in.
  • It gives you your own personal teleconference PIN and phone number to call in to so that partcipants can speak to each other.
  • The desktop sharing center is web-based. In other words, participants do not have to download and/or pay for a program in order to be able to join the meeting. You simply point them towards your personalized web address.
To get started with DimDim, simply click on the link below.
DimDim – Online Meeting, Screen Sharing, and Teleconference Service

Note: If your tastes are more basic, and you just want something for teleconferencing, I use the service at the link below, FreeConference. It has a nice interface for conducting teleconferences, but you have to pay to use the desktop sharing feature.
Free Conference Teleconference Service

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