Top 10 Highest Paid Supermodels in 2010

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Top 10 Highest Paid Supermodels in 2010

Most if not all have graced the cover of a fashion magazine, most do tremendous work for charity and most can be seen strutting down a catwalk wearing nothing more than some strategically placed glitter; but now men who can’t have them and women who can’t be them have even more reason to be jealous because we’ve compiled the Top 10 Highest Paid Supermodels of 2010
1. Gisele Bundchen
Born in the town of Tres de Maio (which translates to 3 of 5) this Brazilian bombshell is the highest paid supermodel of 2010. Earning a loco $25 million (20m Euro) this year and estimated to have a $70 million fortune it’s the fact that she could sell out a stadium quicker than the Brazilian soccer team that has her in the number 1 spot again. Her latest endeavour sees her teaming up with Apple to promote their new Macintosh line…which gets me excited to say “I can have Gisele Bundchen on my Dashboard anytime I want!”
2. Heidi Klum
Gutentaaaaaag Heidi! Dis German Frauline hash bin making ush say “Wunderbar” since 1992. Furst appearing in da Sports Illustrated Swimsuit she den became vun of Victoria’s secret angels and now lives with a Seal and 4 seal cubs. Last year Heidi ish making a whopping $16 million (13M Euro – shizer! That’s a lot of Deutschmarks), which equals a lot of frankfurters yuh. Heidi vee vud never say Auf Wiedersehen to you.
3. Kate Moss
Major respect must be given to Kate for staying alive this year to make it onto this list. Known for her wild lifestyle and boyfriends to match, Kate could have probably been in the top spot if only drugs weren’t so addictive. Despite losing several major contracts with sponsors when a photo of her snorting “a mysterious white powder” emerged, Kate still managed to make an enviable $8.5 million (6.5m Euro) in 2010.
4. Adriana Lima –
They sure know how to make very beautiful women in Brazil. We’re sure even the man upstairs doesn’t mind when she comes out for Victoria’s Secret wearing high heels and some oversized wings made of feathers and sequins. All that praying earned her a tidy $8 million (6m Euro) in 2010 and I might take this opportunity to thank the great bearded one in the sky not just for the ladies on this list but for all budding supermodels everywhere. Amen.
5. Doutzen Kroes (pronounced Dow-tzen Crew-s)
I’d never heard of her either but this gorgeous Dutch clog made $6 million (5m Euro) in 2010 to come in 5th in this year’s list. Showing she has brains as well as beauty she sent the paparazzi photos of herself to get noticed and boy did they take notice. Her wax model in Amsterdam’s Madame Tussaud’s requires daily cleaning from all the cookie crumbs and drool that is left behind from visitors and it is reported Van Gogh cut off his ear off after she called their relationship quits (which is understandable).
6. Alessandra Ambrosio –
Whattaya know another Brazilian makes the list. As my personal favourite Alessandra stays in such good shape with a daily routine of what she calls the “Brazilian Butt Lift”. Ladies pay attention. It is a mixture of aerobics, samba and the Brazilian martial art Capoeira. It is this formula that had her back on the catwalk 3 months after giving birth. Though it was not all peaches and cream for Ambrosio; at 11 she had surgery to have her ears pinned back, which has left more than physical scars. She now cries into the $6 million (4.9m Euro) she made in 2010.
7. Natalia Vodianova –
This Russian born Lolita came from a less than lavish lifestyle and currently uses her global status to help construct playgrounds for children in Russia. While being hot enough, Vodianova wasn’t good enough to make the professional Tennis Tour (see Top 5 Female Russian Tennis Players) and turned to modeling. Her father walked out on the family when Natalia was a toddler and surprisingly came back into her life once she became famous. Natalia now attributes her model figure to a diet of vodka and caviar, which her annual earnings of $5.5 million (4.4M Euro) allows for.
8. Daria Werbowy –
Polish born but residing in Canada, Daria has had a stellar career but is already contemplating life after modelling. Werbowy is choosing rather to sail around the world, despite the lure of a star on Canada’s Walk of Fame along the likes of “The Great One” Wayne Gretsky and Celine Dion (how could you say no) and fulfil her lifelong dream. While Linda Evangelista would only make $3.65 million for waking up every day ($10,000 x 365) Daria earned $12,329 a day raking in $4.5 million (3.6M Euro). Enough to make you think twice about chucking a sicky.
9. Miranda Kerr –
Australia’s own dimpled girl next door is so nice she gives part of her hard earned $3 million (2.2m Euro) to Australian bush fire appeals (probably in case she gets so hot that she starts one!) She’s posed naked to attract attention for Koala’s and claims to be a practicing Buddhist. Already replacing Gisele for a major lingerie label contract, I won’t say a bad word about her and we won’t be surprised if Miranda is in the top half of this list very soon.
10. Carolyn Murphy –
Making a healthy $3 million (2.3m Euro) and being the only American on the list, at 36, Carolyn’s been in the modelling game for a long time. Carolyn is predominantly known for her work with cosmetic company Estee Lauder due to her ageless beauty and less for her marriage to Eddie, which ended after he made Holy Man (smart move on her behalf we think).
And that rounds off this year’s list. So what can we make of this bevy of beauties? For one Brazil is looking like a great place to travel and two, Victoria’s “secret” is where the hell she is finding these women! And remember, you read it on the Internet…so it must be true.
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