Celebrating 6 Months of Blogging – Top 10 Reader Rated Posts

Back in January of this year, I started this blog, with the aim of sharing what I have learned and had yet to learn about personal finance.
Now, 6 months have already flown by! In this time, we have had great success, largely due to all of the readers who have inspired me to keep going, knowing that the content on this blog makes a difference in their life.
For me, the most significant milestones we have seen are listed below.
  • ~40 email subscribers to my RSS Feedburner feed, making you all able to read posts directly from your email.
  • A total of >8200 total visitors to the site, from all around the world.
  • 4 regular guest posters/writers.
  • 181 financial-related post categories
  • 158 total posts
Of those 158 posts in the last 6 months, listed below are quick summaries of the top 10 most popular/highest rated posts by you, the readers! Be sure to take a look at any of the posts you might have missed!

Compares how grocery prices differ between Aldi, Wal-Mart, and other national chains. It just may influence you to stop by Aldi next time you are out looking for groceries!

9. How do my living expenses compare after switching from living in Virginia to living in the Northeast?

Compares how my housing, grocery, and utilities expenses compare between the different places I have lived in the past year.

8. Does Phil Town’s Rule Number 1 – 15 min a Week Stock Trading System Work?

Find the truth about if Phil Town’s foolproof stock trading system works. A quick review of my experience having tried it for 6 months.

7. Creating and Implementing Your Investment Strategy – Part 3 – Determine Your Specific Mix of Fixed Income Investments

Describes step 3 of constructing your personalized investment strategy by walking you through the steps in choosing which specific bond (fixed income) securities you should buy.

6. My Current Asset Allocation and Net Worth Growth – June 2010

The June roll-up of my net worth growth and goals for the month.

5. Index ETFs vs. Index Mutual Funds – Which Are Better?

Compares the +’s and -‘s of ETF’s and index mutual funds. Shows a comparison of fees and performance.

4. How to Get a Job After College – Part 1 – Creating a Resume and Cover Letter

Describes the crucial first step towards landing a job after college – creating a resume. Involves a description of real-world advice based on my experiences in the past 3 years.

3. Favorite Cash-Back Credit Cards

Describes my two favorite cash-back credit cards: one that I use for all of my gas purchases and another one for all other purchases.

2. Save Yourself 50% On Your Monthly Bills With a 5 Minute Phone Call

Learn how you can cut your monthly bills by simply asking for a discount or a lower rate.

1. What Percentage of My Donation Goes to Funding Operating Expenses of the Charitable Organization?

Take a journey with me as I investigate how much of your contribution money goes to non-charitable (salaries, admin, etc) expenses in non-profit organizations.

How about you all? Which posts during the last 6 months have been your favorite? What types of topics/posts would you like to see in the future?

Do you have any ideas on how I can make this blog better?

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  1. I really enjoyed the Investment Strategy series you ran in June!

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