Help a Blogger: Reader Feedback Requested on My Personal Finance Journey

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In order to go along with the spirit of the Yakezie Challenge (which I recently joined), I am dedicated to improving the quality of this site so that it best serves you all, the readers.
In order to make sure I am doing this as best I can, I created a reader feedback questionnaire, which can be accessed at the link below. 
The questionnaire is less than 10 questions, and will only take 1 minute to fill out. If you have a free moment during the day, please stop by and submit your feedback. It will very much help me. Remember, the best feedback is not totally positive in nature, but honest opinions about how I need to improve.

The questionnaire will be placed, and can always be found going forward, on the Contact Me page link in the top menu. I’ve attached this link below as well.

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