My Personal Finance Journey Just Joined the Yakezie Challenge

The Yakezie challenge was started by personal finance blog, Financial Samurai, as a personal finance blog challenge revolving around the group goal of increasing the Alexa rank of every site in the group and promoting other members of the challenge.
Over time, the Yakezie Challenge has morphed into a personal finance blog group called “The Yakezie” that is dedicated to promoting high quality personal finance content on the Internet. To view the complete list of members, click on the link below.
List of Yakezie Personal Finance Blogs
I am joining the challenge because I have been blogging for some time now (a little over six months), feel I have some good articles to share, and want to meet other personal finance geeks out there that enjoy writing this stuff as much as I do.
How about you all? Does any one out there that runs a personal finance blog partcipate in this Challenge? What have your experiences been?

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