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Today, as I was reading Burton Malkiel’s book entitled, The Random Walk Guide To Investing, I came across a brief look at several new financial products the government was developing when the book was published back in 2007.
This got me thinking, “Do I need to stay more up-to-date with financial planning and personal finance news?” The more I thought about it, the more it became clear to me that I needed to take some action on this.
Therefore, when I was making my weekly trip to the grocery store today, I went to the magazine aisle to see if there were any good sounding personal finance magazines with subscription prices that would not put me too far behind in the bank account.
As it turned out, the subscription prices for 3 magazine were fairly cheap. The magazines and subscription prices are shown below:

After returning home from the store, I looked online quickly for a review and/or an opinion on these magazines. I found a very useful article featured at Get Rich (link is shown below).
JD Roth (author of Get Rich Slowly) states that even though these magazines have a flaw here and there, he always learns something new from them. 
Because of this review and the prices being low, I purchased subscriptions to these magazines tonight. I’ll put a reminder on my calendar to post an update in a few weeks to tell you what I think of the magazines!

How about you all? Which money/investing/personal finance magazines do you have a subscription for? 

How did you decide which one to pick?

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