Weekly Roundup – Back to School Edition – Week of July 26th

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This week marks my last week in the workforce for several years, as I have resigned my current job in anticipation of going to graduate school this fall to get my PhD in Chemical Engineering (I must be crazy).
It was a very important week for me financially because I received my last real paycheck and more importantly, closed on my condo where I’ll be moving for graduate school. The moving truck comes this Monday, August 2nd! Exciting times!

It was also a very active week for My Personal Finance Journey. Five of our articles were selected to participate in blog carnivals throughout the blogosphere.

Check out the posts that were selected, as well as the other very informative articles that were selected in the contests, by clicking on any one of the links below.

Additionally, listed below are several blog articles that caught my eye (and I commented on) throughout the week. Stop by their respective blogs and take a look!

Keep on learning!

How about you all? Did any big events in your financial lives happen this week? Did you participate in any of these blog carnivals?

Are there any blog carnivals I am missing submitting articles to? Let me know!

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