1. Hey Jordan,

    I definitely feel your pain. I have lived in California most of my life which is pretty crazy considering I am completely mobile with what I do. In fact I have been known to do consultations while camping. About two years ago we made the decision to take an extended stay in Colorado and strongly consider moving out of California because of the high costs and other problems. We lasted about six months before we decided that we needed to move back, simply because all of our family lived here and I felt it was important for my kids to grow up with their grandparents, cousins, etc.

    So ultimately I just have to suck it up here and every time I open my wallet, I just have to tell myself, I am doing it for the kids. It is really crazy to live here though.
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  2. Haha, I live in Atlanta in a neighborhood with barred windows, and it's not that dangerous… And the rent is 1/3 of the price of the neighborhoods without barred windows!

    I think Califronia gets away with charging more because people are essentially paying for the lifestyle and the weather. If you don't love San Francisco, then it must really suck to be paying that premium without realizing the value of these things in exchange.
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    • Good point here Kellen. I think it's also just a matter of space – since land is limited in California because of the mtns and deserts, there is an increase in demand for the limited supply.
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  3. I just recently moved to southern California for work as well and it's hitting my wallet extra hard since I took a pay cut at a government salary! I've lived overseas and various different places through the military and I have an open mind when it comes to new places but this place is sure something else. Washington state was starting to get pretty expensive as well but at least they don't have state income tax. What hurts more is trying to buy a decent place down in the OC, total highway robbery. The lifestyle here hasn't sold me yet, but the weather sure did. Can't beat 24/7 golf weather, but wait, playing golf even in muni courses cost $$$, way over priced. I don't know how half of the people I meet afford to make a decent living here, especially all the illegals. Thanks for the article and making me realize that I was an idiot thinking it wouldn't be too bad, but boy was I wrong.

    • Thanks for sharing Tae! So the job that moved you to CA didn't offer a higher salary? I've heard that most jobs must pay people a lot more for the job to be located in CA compared to other states.
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  4. Lots of folk are leaving California because it is just getting too expensive. I for one think it is a positive thing. This state was getting over populated anyhow. The cost of living in California will increase even more if these new taxes are passed. Lucky for us the last attempts failed.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts Bill. I once heard about someone who works in CA but lives in a completely different state, traveling almost 8 hours each way! Wild stuff!
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  5. I am from the East Coast. I find California affordable. The houses cost about the same as houses in the East Coast, but I pay 1/3 the taxes and 1/3 the utilities. I live in Orange County, my family and I have an incredible active lifestyle. We love it here. BTW my husband is from the Midwest. We would never live anywhere but CA.

    • Thanks for sharing Patricia. Glad you all are enjoying CA! Where did you all live on the East Coast? I'm curious where prices are equivalent to CA.
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  6. I'm in the process of applying for a job in Southern CA. My colleagues in other states are payed roughly $120K, any ideas as to what $$ I should negotiate ? What are th main expenses? Since I'm moving from UK (wife &1 year old baby) like to know what costs I need to consider? Safety is the main priority. Good neighbourhood etc.
    Appreciate an advise.

  7. I moved back from the San Jose area to rural-ish part of NC near Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill , Research Triangle Park. Taking out housing and I find the COL here is higher than CA. I had a $59/mo PG&E bill, here I have $209… hot, humid summers and cold, damp winters. Food costs more, taxes aren't as bad but even though the top NC Income tax rate is 7.75% it starts at about $25,000… you get the drift. I took a pay cut from 6 to 5 figures, about 20% and I cannot make ends meet here where I was stashing money every month into my savings account in CA. I once lived in MA near Boston and CT near NYC… CA wins again over those places on pricing as well as weather… I'll pay the rental in CA and live with it! As odd as it sounds, jobs are more plentiful in CA for my wife and my professions. She can't find one here where she never went without there, I stayed fully employed in CA and after 5 months here, I am looking for new work and see nothing on the horizon. I'll take CA any time!

    I did have to give up golfing went I got to CA though.

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