Weekly Roundup – Moved In to The New Condo Edition – Week of August 2nd

Whew!!!! It has truly been a whirlwind of a week.

On August 2nd, I moved out of my apartment in the Northeast, passed down through the Mason-Dixon line, and have settled in to my new condominium that I purchased in Virginia. It’s definitely good to be back!

This week has been quite hectic for creating posts myself, but it has been convenient because it shut me up long enough to publish some great guest posts! Take a look at them when you get a chance!

One that truly shocked me was the comparison that Jordan did about the cost of living in California. Apparently, a $100K salary in California only covers the bare essentials! Ridiculous!

We also had a lot of luck this week with getting our articles featured at different blog carnivals around the blogosphere.

Listed below are the various articles that got selected for the competitions.

How about you all? What was your favorite post on the blogosphere this week? Any good ones that you have ran across in blog carnivals?

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