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Good day blogosphere! I wanted to let everyone know about a personal finance carnival I created just today – The Carnival of Passive Investing

Why did I create this carnival?

Whew…The real question here is where do I start? Let’s just make a list, shall we?
1) The first reason that I created this carnival is because I myself, as you have probably found out from reading my blog, am a big supporting of the passive investing strategy. In fact, if you take a look at my investing strategy, you’ll see that it is almost entirely composed of passively managed mutual funds.

2) In hosting previous carnivals, I have come across a great deal of very high quality posts about many topics in the vast realm of personal finance. During this time, I have found myself wondering – wouldn’t it be awesome to sit down and have a collection of ONLY passive investing strategy articles to review?!
Out of curiosity, I ventured over to and looked in the money & finance carnival category (see link below for details).

The following carnivals were listed as having upcoming editions:
  • Coupon crazy
  • Growth stock investing
  • Holiday spirit
  • Carnival of wealth
  • Carnival of money stories
  • Festival of stocks
  • Real estate investing carnival
  • Best of credit cards and saving money
  • The wealth builder carnival
  • Cavalcade of risk
  • Stock carnival ecstacy
  • Best of money carnival
  • Frugal feast…OK – you get the idea!
Clearly, there are a lot of options! However, not one has zoned in on this specific niche of passive investing. While I do realize that the other carnivals no doubt provide an outlet for passive investing blog articles, I figured, “Why not see if we can showcase these articles?”
So, let’s give it a try and see what we find out!

How do you submit your article for review?

If you have a great article about passive investing, submitting your article for inclusion in the carnival if super-easy! Simply visit the following link to view the Carnival of Passive Investing’s page at – The Carnival of Passive Investing @
Or, you can submit your article directly to the upcoming December 31st edition of the Carnival.

How often are the carnivals currently scheduled for?

For now (and until we can get a gauge of the blogosphere’s response to this carnival), the Carnival of Passive Investing will be held 1X (once) per once. The deadline for submitting your post is the 30th of each month, and the carnival will be published the following day (either the 31st or the 1st, depending on the month).

How can I sign up to be a host?

If you would like to host an upcoming edition of the Carnival of Passive Investing, simply email me at and we’ll figure out a slot that works well for you!

Also – just a quick note to say that I am hosting the Carnival of Wealth’s December 26th, 2010 edition later this week. Submit your entries for review by clicking the following link

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