Best of Credit Cards and Saving Money Carnival – December 28th, 2010 – Ridiculous Arnold Schwarzenegger Videos Edition

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Welcome to the December 28th, 2010 edition of the Best of Credit Cards and Saving Money Carnival.

The goal of this carnival is to highlight articles each week that provide a unique view of credit cards, credit scores, and personal finance that can help people save money.

To give us all a little break from the stresses that can almost certainly come around the holidays, the theme of this week’s edition is the one, the only, Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

Enjoy the articles and be sure to let me know which clip is your favorite in the comments section! 

MadTV Spoof of Arnold’s Made-Up movie, Stolen Identity 3. Enjoy!

Credit Cards

Janet presents Credit Card Use and Materialism posted at Credit Cards Canada.

Silicon Valley Blogger presents Blue Sky Credit Card from American Express Review posted at The Digerati Life, saying, “My review of Amex Blue Sky. 🙂 Thanks!”

Michael Pruser presents Citi ThankYou Premier Card $200 Bonus posted at The Dough Roller, saying, “Citibank has launched a new and improved rewards credit card known as the “ThankYou” card, offering $200 in gift cards right away.”

Michael presents The Plum Card® from American Express OPEN 1.5% Cash Back posted at Consumerism Commentary, saying, “The Plum Card from AMEX Open offers small businesses a chance to survive and thrive.”

Jeff Weber presents Getting a Virtually No Fee Balance Transfer posted at Smart Balance Transfers, saying, “Tips on how to reduce balance transfer expenses.”

Clair Schwan presents “Abusing” Credit Cards – A Contrarian Perspective | SELF RELIANCE WORKS posted at SELF RELIANCE WORKS, saying, “Mark Zeiger presents an alternative view of credit cards, and highlights how even those with a subsistence income can use them responsibly.”

Boomer presents Get Out Of Credit Card Debt! posted at Boomer& Echo, saying, “If you are currently holding a balance and continue to use your card when credit becomes available you are basically paying your future income to the credit card companies for decades to come.”

MoneyThinking presents Kids Do Stupid Things in College posted at Money Thinking.

Tim Chen presents Best Way To Buy Gas? Gas Credit Cards or Discount Stations? posted at NerdWallet Blog – Credit Card Watch, saying, “Figuring out how you can score the cheapest gas can get complicated.”

Ben presents Citi ThankYou Premier & Preferred Cards posted at Money Smart Life, saying, “A comparison of the new Citi ThankYou cards”

Jeff Weber presents Chase Freedom Card Review | Chase Freedom Visa and Mastercard posted at Smart Balance Transfers, saying, “A look at the Chase Freedom credit card.”

Every Arnold Scream From Every Movie – All In One!

Credit Scores

BWL presents Consumer Info About Credit Scores posted at Christian Personal Finance, saying, “A look at some of the things that affect our credit scores…”


David de Souza presents Three Ways Christmas Could Affect Your Tax Bill posted at UK Tax Blog, saying, “Guide to three ways that Christmas can impact on the amount of tax that you pay”

Kyle Taylor presents Best Ways to Sell a Gift Card posted at The Penny Hoarder.


Tim Rakeman presents How To Be Frugal: Grow a Garden to Save Money posted at All Things Frugal, saying, “When it comes to saving money on groceries, unfortunately that usually means eating a lot of processed crap. Anyone who has been in a grocery store knows the cost of a calorie is a lot cheaper in the form of a frozen pizza than it is in an apple.”

Miranda presents Is a Prepaid Cell Phone Right For You? posted at Moolanomy.

Hercules in New York Clips – Arnold’s First and Best Movie Ever! 

Personal Finance

Card Wisdom presents Tips for Recovering from Credit Card Debt in the New Year posted at Credit Card Wisdom, saying, “Ideas to get finances in order and reduce debt in the new year.”

BWL presents Tax Act 2010: Social Security Tax Reduced in 2011 posted at Christian Personal Finance, saying, “A look at how the latest tax act has social security rates reduced in 2011…”

Michael Pruser presents You Have Many Choices When it Comes to CD’s posted at The Dough Roller, saying, “When it comes to saving in CD’s, you have more options than you might think.”

And if you really are a fan and want to relive all of Arnold’s 10000 movies from the past 20 years in ten minutes, take a look at the clip below! (Beware, there are a few bad words)

Saving Money

One Family presents Mortgage Refinancing Decision – How to posted at One Family’s Blog, saying, “Thanks!”

Darwin presents Energy Tax Credit 2011 – Not What It Used to Be posted at Darwin’s Money, saying, “Check out the new 2011 Energy Tax Credits in the spending bill just passed by Congress. The window, door and HVAC credits aren’t as generous as they used to be, but they’re in there.”

That concludes this edition. Next week, the Carnival of Credit Cards and Saving Money will be returning to Card Wisdom. Submit your article for inclusion in the upcoming edition by clicking the following link – Jan 3 Edition of the Carnival

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