Carnival of Wealth – December 26th, 2010 – Fantabulous YouTube Christmas Videos Edition

It is an honor to be hosting this week’s edition of The Carnival of Wealth. The focus of the carnival is to feature writings related to creation, management, and enjoyment of wealth.
The weekly Carnival of Wealth features the best articles in the blogosphere on the following broad topics – Investing, Personal Finance, Taxes, Estate Planning, Careers, Entrepreneurship, Family, Lifestyle, and Travel.
The theme for this edition (since it is Christmas and all) of the Carnival of Wealth is awesome, amazing, funny, hilarious, fantastic YouTube videos related to Christmas! Enjoy! Please let me know which video is your favorite! 

This Week’s Editor’s Picks! Congrats to the winners!
1. Sustainable PF presents Your Dog’s Diet Could Cost You and Your Dog posted at Sustainable Personal Finance.

2. Erin Pavlina presents Cultivating Command and Leadership posted at Erin Pavlina – Spiritual Wisdom for Conscious People.

3. Jeff Rose, CFP presents How to Protect Your Child From Identity Theft posted at Jeff Rose.After that stellar reading, you definitely need a breather. So, enjoy Gayla Peevey in her famous song, I Want a Hippo for Xmas! Enjoy!

I Want a Hippopotamus For Christmas – Gayla Peevey

Below are the rest of this week’s submissions! 
Careers presents How to Resign From a Job & Reasons for Job Resignation posted at Career Guide.
Tom @ Canadian Finance Blog presents Resume Psychology posted at Canadian Finance Blog.
Echo presents Employee Performance Management posted at Boomer&Echo. presents “Why Should We Hire You” posted at Job Interview Guide.
Estate Planning


Marvin Grossman presents What’s more dangerous? A surprising look at everyday risks posted at Insure.

Jingle All The Way Clip – Sinbad Goes Crazy! Enjoy!


Arjun Rudra presents A Review of Smarter Than the Street: Invest and Make Money in Any Market and Interview with Gary Kaminsky posted at Investing Thesis.
Barb Friedberg presents The Friedberg Family Portfolio-Revisited posted at Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance.
Mich presents Canadian REITS: Yours to Discover posted at
MikeAhi presents Why Buy Gold? posted at After Hours Investing.
pfblogger presents Investing in Stocks During an Economic Crisis posted at Personal Cents.


Jessie Stanton presents Hippie Wedding Theme Ideas posted at Wedding Theme Ideas.
Ahmed presents Daydreaming for Success posted at LIVING! Not Surviving.

12 Pains of Christmas


Personal Finance

Janet presents Bye-Bye Penny – Hello Swedish Rounding? posted at Credit Cards Canada.

Silicon Valley Blogger presents How To Be A Smart Credit Card User (Infographic) posted at The Digerati Life.

 MoneyCone presents How to get your credit score from all 3 credit bureaus for free! posted at Money Cone.

Odysseas presents Store Credit Cards and Bad Credit posted at Wallet Blog.
Tim Rakeman presents How To Be Frugal: Grow a Garden to Save Money posted at All Things Frugal.
Rich D presents Best Instant Access Savings Accounts posted at Qwoter.
Clair Schwan presents Capitalism And Compound Interest – Two Reasons You Have No Excuses posted at SELF RELIANCE WORKS.
Money Thinker presents Should I Buy a Home Now? posted at Money Thinking.
Shaun presents Servicing Your Wealth: Cashing in on Christmas Time posted at Money Cactus.
MoneyNing presents What Do You Splurge On? Where Do You Save? posted at Money Ning
Mark presents Banks Are Stealing Your Money posted at Buy Like Buffett.
Pinyo presents Is Prepaid Cell Phone Right for You? posted at Moolanomy.

Dominic the Italian Christmas Donkey



N.W. Journey presents What Does That Gift Really Cost posted at Networth Journey.
Gorilla Golf Blog presents The Top 5 New Zealand Golf Courses posted at Gorilla Golf Blog.
That concludes this edition. If your article was selected to appear in this week’s Carnival, please link back to this page within a week’s time.
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