Boiler Repair Delays Start of School Term

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The following is a guest post by Alex on behalf of Home Serve.

Boiler Repair Delays Start of School Term

When it happens in the home, a boiler repair can really ruin your week – both financially and emotionally. However, this is not the only place where a heating howler can cause serious problems, as one recent story has proven…

The Story

Students at Darrington CE J&I primary school in Yorkshire, England got an extra day off after the festive holidays when a boiler failed on campus the day before the start of term. According to the Pontefract & Castleford Express, the breakdown meant that youngsters in classes A and B were forced to stay away.

Although this no doubt meant an extra day of sledding in the snow and playing with new Christmas presents for the kids, it’s likely to have caused frustration among teachers eager to get their students back in the swing of things. It could also have served as a stark reminder to teachers and parents of having adequate preparation for such events in place, both at home and school.

What Can We Learn From This?

While the school is likely to have had comprehensive insurance in place (meaning that getting a boiler emergency service was as simple as a quick phone-call), it’s not always as easy to solve the issue at home. Should you be unlucky enough to suffer a breakdown over the festive period, getting a repair service in to fix the problem ASAP may not be as easy as it sounds. And, should you manage to locate a repairman/woman over the Christmas period, his or her rates are likely to reflect the fact he or she has been dragged away from their own seasonal family celebrations.

For this reason, some people could find that having boiler insurance in place gives them the peace of mind that their home will always be protected from heating disasters. With this type of protection, you needn’t worry about the consequences of a boiler breakdown, whether it’s the height of summer of the bleak mid-winter.

Taking out this kind of insurance also guarantees that the tradesman who comes out to fix the problem is fully qualified and on the Gas Safe Register. Although it’s illegal to carry out work on gas appliances without this important accreditation, there are plenty of cowboys out there eager to make a quick – and dangerous – buck by taking on jobs they’re not legally allowed to.

They may not teach you about getting boiler insurance at school. But, suffer a breakdown without it in place, and you could learn a lesson about taking care of your home the hard way.

How about you all? Do you have boiler insurance? Have you ever had a boiler break and caused some chaos in your home?

Jacob’s Thoughts – The importance of making sure your home is properly insured is paramount. Personally, I am going to review my homeowner’s insurance policy to see if a rupture in the water boiler is covered under the policy terms. It is my understanding that frequently, these bursts are not covered. It is also important for your home to be secured. If you are interested in options for different security systems on the market, there are some great online resources. For example, I recently read an article of a Reliance Protectron Review from the folks at Home Security System Canada.

Another option is to self-insure with a sufficient emergency fund to cover the repairs that are needed.

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