Carnival of Money Stories # 90 – Average Incomes Around The Globe – January 24, 2011 Edition

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Welcome to the January 24, 2011 edition of the Carnival of Money Stories, a weekly blog carnival where people share their stories and experiences regarding money.

And come on now! If you are somewhat nosy (like me) and like to be in the know about other people’s business, who doesn’t like stories such as these?!

This week, the carnival had a total of 58 article submissions! In reading/judging the posts, I found that many people misunderstood the intent of the carnival (i.e. I could only publish 22 out of the 58 articles submitted), and DID NOT submit articles containing money stories. In the future, please only submit articles containing stories regarding financial matters. This will make it more straight-forward for future hosts.

The theme of today’s Carnival is the very interesting subject of the differences in the average income of different countries around the globe. All figures are based on data from 2009 from World Bank.

It is very wild to think that there is an $85,000 difference on a per capita basis of Gross National Income between the 1st ranked and last ranked country. 

I hope you enjoy the money stories and the economic tidbits spread throughout, and stop by to say “hi” again on my non-carnival days as well.

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Gross National Income Per Capita

  • # 1 = Norway @ 85,000 US$
  • # 8 = United States @ 46,000 US$
  • # 16 = Canada @ 42,000 US$



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Gross National Income Per Capita

  • Japan – 38,000 US$
  • Chile – 9,470 US$
  • Mexico – $9,000 US$ 


Net Worth

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Gross National Income Per Capita

  • Iraq – 2,200 US$
  • India – 1,180 US$
  • Congo & Burundi – 150-160 US$ (lowest on list)



MD presents Jersey Shore Life: The True Cost of GTL posted at, saying, “A fun look at the money that you would need to spend to GTL.”

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Well – that concludes this week’s edition.

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