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With this being a new year and all, I’ve decided to lay out some blogging goals for My Personal Finance Journey during 2011. I have also added a reminder on my Outlook calendar to track our progress pertaining to these goals each month.

By doing, this I am hoping that it provides us with more accountability and visibility to what we are doing and where we want to go with this community/blog.

So, here goes! The blog goals for 2011 are as follows, with progress updates given in bold type, current as of April 12th, 2011.
  1. Obtain Alexa ranking of 200k or less. Dream goal = 100k. Currently at 112,000! Yah! We actually were lower than this and falling until I got busy with the semester course-work in my Chemical Engineering PhD program about a month ago.
  2. Read and interact with (comment) 5 partner blogs per day. Currently below this average, but hope to improve. However, I have been doing well this past week by reading and commenting on most all of the Yakezie Blog Swap posts (which were very good, by the way!).
  3. Continue active participation as a proud Yakezie Personal Finance Blog Network member. Have posted a total of 800 comments on the Yakezie Forums advising and learning from others. Also, I have now coordinated 5 advertising campaigns, bringing in a total of $3700 revenue (and counting!) to partner blogs and have hosted the 4th Yakezie Blog Swap.
  4. Publish 3-5 blog posts per week. On target for this average currently. I’m very proud that I’ve kept up the consistency!
  5. Obtain 200 unique visitors per day average by end of 2011. Currently averaging 180 per day. I was up to 307 average per day a month ago before I had to focus more time in to my graduate program’s classes.
  6. Host all personal finance blog carnivals (Festival of Frugality, Best of Money, Tax Carnival, Carnival of Personal Finance, etc). Have hosted all blog carnivals that have allowed me! If any one out there needs a host in the future, just send me an email!
  7. Grow Carnival of Passive Investing to point where someone would be proud to host it. Have now had 4 editions of the carnival. Three were hosted by me, and the last one was hosted by Tom @ Canadian Finance Blog (who actually just won the Free Money Finance March Madness tournament!). The April carnival will be hosted by A Rich Life. Submit your passive investing posts by clicking here.
  8. Continue to spread word about benefits of passive investing over active investing. Get involved in BogleHeads forums as well. Need to do this more. I have done a good job organizing the Carnival of Passive Investing, but have neglected visiting the BogleHeads forums. However, I just placed an automatic weekly recurring reminder on my Outlook calendar to try to increase my participation.
  9. Write and publish 1 guest post for another blog per month. On target with this goal. Have guest posted once this year on Free Money Finance, twice on (a review of Sharebuilder and a review of Vanguard), and guest posted a total of three times during the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Yakezie Blog Swaps.
  10. Create an eBook on one of the following topics – a) Ways to be Frugal b) Investing Strategy c) Steps to Buying a Home. Ongoing, but have not yet started.
  11. Possibly transfer blog to WordPress hosting???? This is still a maybe. I am leaning more towards not going to WordPress. I know that it limits me from doing some things, but with weekly manual backups, I feel safe using Blogger for now.
  12. Create newsletter – “X Number of Weeks to a Frugal Lifestyle”. Ongoing, but have not yet started.
  13. Two free giveaways / contests during 2011. Have hosted 3 giveaways so far this year – a $25 Amazon gift card to the best cheapskate story, a $25 Wal-Mart gift card for the best passive investing article from the March 31st Carnival of Passive Investing, and an H&R Block At Home giveaway of 5 tax software codes.
  14. Put together material to present to groups and or classes on personal finance. Ongoing, have not done yet.
  15. Attend blogging, marketing, finance, or real estate classes at local community college or nearby conference locations. Need to search for seminars. Found classes offered at local community college in blogging and marketing. Have not made any progress on this yet.
How about you all? What goals do you have set for 2011?

Share your experiences by commenting below!

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