1. CanadianDoomer says:

    My parents always told me to spend bills and put my coins into savings, because it's painless and you barely notice them. It served me well for years and I got into the habit of never spending my change.

    My husband, though, insists on paying exact change for everything and puts every bill that he can into the bank. Whenever he finds a stash of coins that I've been saving, he cashes them in.

    Between the two of us, it's amazing we ever manage to spend anything. 😛

    • Thanks for reading Canadian Doomer! I subscribed via email RSS feed to your blog this morning! Very interesting stuff!

      I used to save all of my change in a jar, but with the advent of credit cards being used so frequently (and offering cash back bonuses to do so), I hardly use cash anymore.
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      • CanadianDoomer says:

        Awesome! I look forward to reading your comments.

        We're almost entirely cash-only, which makes us an anomaly.
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