Cheapskate Jake’s Frugal Ramblin’s # 1 – Announcing A New Staff Writer at My Personal Finance Journey + How To Get a Free Running Race Training Program

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Do you get tired of hearing from the same old person every day on My Personal Finance Journey? If so, then today is your lucky day!

For the past two days, all of you sharp readers out there probably have noticed the “Cheapskate Jake’s Frugal Ramblings” tab that has shown up on the top fixed pages on My Personal Finance Journey. And undoubtedly, you all are owed an explanation for what it is!

[Cheapskate] Jake is an old Arkansas friend of mine who I met during my undergraduate studies. To make a long story short, he’s convinced me to let him come on the site from time to time to share some of his frugal living tips.

All of his tips will be collected in the “Cheapskate Jake’s Frugal Ramblings” tab shown at the top of the page. I’ve also pasted the link below for added convenience.

Cheapskate Jake’s Frugal Ramblings Corner

But, enough from me – I’ll let Jake take over and explain to you what his “ramblings” will entail. And, I just approved (I must be out of my mind!) his first tip for you all. So, that is attached below as well! Enjoy, and try not to get too offended. 🙂

Greetins’ frugal folks! My name’s Cheapskate Jake. I’m a 45 year old bloke from Frugal Holler (Hollow for all you’s grammatical folk), Arkansas. Frugal Holler is located about 2 hours southwest of the capitol city of Arkansas, Little Rock, smack dab in the center of the Ouachita Mountains. I am married to a lovely lady named Inez, and we have two children – Latisha and Raymond. I love those kids most of the time, but they sure can get on my nerves every once in a while!

How Jacob and I Met

Your frugal (never cheap – that’s my job) and devoted blog organizer, Jacob, and I go way back. We first met during a camping trip that he took back in the Summer of 2006 while still living in Arkansas and attending the University of Arkansas.

I was out on a hunting trip at the same time (finally getting some freedom from the wife and kids), and he was mountain bike riding. Even though he had a bright colored jersey on and those weird skin-tight spandex, I almost couldn’t tell the difference between him and the deer that I was hunting (might have been due to the 8 Milwaukee’s Best brews I was drinkin’, but that’s just water in the crick under the bridge now).

After missing hitting him by only an inch, we started talking about life, family, and enjoyin’ the great outdoors! We found that even though we came from different walks of life, we had a lot in common (not to mention the same name!). One thing that we both love to do is save money!

After the camping trip, we continued to stay in touch. However, Jacob was holdin’ out on telling me that he had started this new fangled website! However, after much negotiation, I finally convinced him to let me contribute to the community!

What Are Cheapskate Jake’s Frugal Ramblin’s?

Jacob was kind enough to let me take over the blog about once per week (or however often I get access to the internet – I have to drive 2 hours away to Little Rock, Arkansas to access a computer with that high speed modem stuff) to bring you the unfiltered, un-cut, methods/tips that I use to save a dime or two in my life!

Even though I’m not one for planning ahead (I only made it through the 5th grade), the topics that will be covered in this series will be how to save money in the following ways:

How To Save Money On:

  • Eatin’ and drinkin’
  • Entertainment
  • Children
  • Relationships
  • Athletics (including tractor pullin’, my favorite, of course)
  • Education
  • And maybe several more, maybe….

That tightwad Jacob finally approved my first post, and I’m hootin’ and hollerin’ happy to be bringing it to you today!

Also, if ya’ll folks have any questions, ya’ll can shoot me an email at Jacob didn’t trust me with his email, so he gave me my own account! Mighty fine o’ him!

Cheapskate Jake’s Frugal Ramblin’s # 1 – Get A Free, Personalized Running Training Program

Personally, I’ve never been one for gettin’ that much exercise. I think the combination of beer, chittlins’, fried chicken, and apple cobbler I eat prevent me from being able to do that much. In fact, I make it a policy so that the only “exercise” I get is walkin’ outside to the pickup truck in the mornin’ to get away from Inez’s complainin’ at me.

However, for those of you youngins’ out there that are in to the same “health-craze” that’s sweepin’ Little Rock at this time, I’ve heard of a new FREE program that may be just for you!

Have you been wanting to get yourself in to peak shape for an upcoming running race, but weren’t ready to shell out the mullaa to pay for an actual coach?

Well, the Smart Coach Training Plan from could be the solution for you! The trainin’ plan offers the following features:

  • Personalized training plan
  • Training workouts based on previous race time entered in to system
  • Customizable based on 1) how many miles you are currently runnin’ per week, 2) desired workout intensity, 3) desired “long run” day, and 4) target race date.

To get your personalized training plan, simply follow the instructions below:

  • Click here to sign up for a free account on (click half way down the page).
  • Then, click on the following link to login to your account –
  • Next, fill out the specifications (described above) to personalize your training plan to YOU! 
  • And, voila! Click “Create New Plan,” and you’ll be on your way to a new personal best race time!

How about you all? Do you use a training plan for your workouts, or do you plan them out of a day-by-day basis? 

Share your experiences by commenting below!

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