Cheapskate Jake’s Frugal Ramblin’s # 2 – Get Free Continuing Education With Seminars at Your Local University

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Greetin’s my fellow cheapskate kin! It’s your good friend, Cheapskate Jake, here on this fine mornin’ we’re havin’ today to bring you my 2nd frugal ramblin’.

That’s right! There was such a good response to the first ramble, that Jacob actually let me come on his blog twice in one week. See, he does have a heart after all!

Note: For those of ya’ll that missed the first posting in this series and are unacquainted with me, you can read about the details in the introductory post at the link below.

Cheapskate Jake’s Frugal Ramblin’s

As usual, I’m comin’ to ya today from a computer lab in Little Rock, Arkansas because we don’t get that high-speed internet stuff out at my home in Frugal Holler’.

The topic of today’s Ramblin’ is continuing education through seminars. 

Since I didn’t know what continuing education was before today, I had to look it up in the only research source I ever use, Wikipedia. According to Wikipedia, continuing education is education for people outside of the traditional schoolin’ age.

Since I didn’t make it past the 5th grade, as you can imagine, I would just about rather take a double dose of the clap than have to learn anything else. But, I know that Jacob has a lot of overachievers readin’ this here tablet, so I wanted to fill ya’ll in on a cheap way to keep those educational juices flowing after you start working.

There is a very good untapped source of FREE learnin’ to be had from somewhere ya’ll may never have wanted to see again – your local university.

What’s this source of learnin’, ya’ll might be askin’? It’s called a seminar!

For some reason, these academic types like to talk about all kinds of thought-provokin’ things in these seminars. And many a time, they are very cutting edge and can be beneficial to know for the average joe/jill like you and me! Even better yet, they are free!

How Do You Find Out About Seminars Offered At My Local University?

While this sounds all well and good, you’re probably wonderin’ how exactly you can find out about these educational happenins’. Lucky for us, these institutions have made it very easy to find out about these seminars because the people presenting actually WANT to get their new ideas out to people.

The best way to start is by doing a Google search for “University Name + subject area + seminar.” If that doesn’t fetch ya’ what ya’ want, you can then find the academic department’s website that you are interested in (example – Finance department), and then look for a list of upcoming department “events.”


For example, say you lived in the town where the University of Arkansas is located, and were interested in learning more about finance. To find a list of the seminars offered by the finance department at the University of Arkansas, simply type in “University of Arkansas finance seminar” in Google, click enter, and off you go!

You then get taken to this page, which lists out the location, time, date and subject of upcoming seminars. Looks like there’s a really cool looking seminar coming up in April about something called, “The Halloween Effect,” where higher stock returns are gained in November-April than the rest of the year. That looks mighty right interestin’ all right. I might have to load up the buggy and go up the road to listen to that.

I just hope the wife, Inez, will let me have a night off from the kids. She’s been mighty busy with her wrestlin’ refereein’ these days.

How about you all? Have you ever attended any sort of continuing education classes or seminars at your local university? 

Share your experiences by commenting below!

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