The Digital Camera That I’m Glad We Splurged On

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The Digital Camera That I’m Glad We Splurged On

Since my wife and I are making a massive effort to pay off debts, we are very quick to say “no” to any expense that is not entirely necessary. I kept eyeballing the 55” Samsung television at our local Best Buy, but I knew that it would not bring us closer to our goal of becoming debt free. My wife often drooled at the latest fashion in the mall, but refrained from purchasing any of them for the same reason.
The Splurge Sensation

Then, the day came where we were both drooling over the same gadget… not a good scenario. This particular gadget was an 18MP SLR Canon Digital Camera. It was the top of the line at the time, and my wife was falling in love with the idea of being a photographer, particularly for weddings (she just loves weddings!).

At first, I was completely opposed to the idea. Since we were focused on getting out of debt, I did not see how spending $1,000 would get us to our goal. However, I enjoy messing around with technology, and was still intrigued at the idea of getting the best SLR camera on the market.

The Big Purchase

With every tough decision such as this, there was a compromise. Instead of simply going out and buying the camera, we decided that we would spend less in certain areas of our budget, and put the amount saved toward the camera. So, we essentially would not be overspending, but we would be just be altering the categories within the budget. Here’s how our spending changed to raise the money:

  • Food = -100
  • Wife’s play money = -150
  • My play money = -100
  • Gift money = -100
  • Sell the laptop = ($200 gain toward camera)
There were a few other categories that I do not recall, but just in the one month, we were able to raise $820 toward the camera. Then, as luck would have it, we found that exact camera (with an extra attachment) on Amazon for only $820 (after tax)!
My wife and I decided to go for it and order the camera! We had been thinking about it for quite a while, and since this great deal came along, it seemed like the best time to make the plunge on this purchase.
The Aftermath – Was it Worth it?

We received the camera in the mail about a week later, and we absolutely love it! It takes crisp, clean pictures, and is very easy to use. Also, my wife has begun to come through on her promise of starting her photography business. She has not yet made any money with her photography, but she is getting great experience for her portfolio, which will no doubt make her some money in the future.
Since this camera gives us an opportunity at creating more revenue, I simply love the purchase! Not only could it mean extra cash for us in the upcoming months, but it could be the start of a whole new career for my wife; one where she can set her own hours and be happy with her creative nature in photography. If I had the choice to relive those moments when we purchased the camera, I would have definitely done it all over again, without changing a thing.
Is there something you purchased that may have seemed like a splurge to your friends and family? Why did you do it? Did you ever regret the purchase?

Jacob’s Thoughts – Listed below are my random thoughts as I was reading this article.

  • @Buying a good camera – I definitely agree! Buying a good camera like this can be a great way to get started with your own photography business. I have several friends that have side-businesses photographing weddings. They get paid over $5000 per wedding, and many times, they’ll get flown around the country to the wedding location. 
  • @Planning for the big purchase – I applaud the way that you all cut back in other areas in order to save up money for purchasing the camera! It seemed like you all executed it perfectly. This is a great lesson for us all to learn – that it’s all right to splurge if 1) you have a logical reason and 2) you take time to plan out the purchase and don’t just do it impulsively with a high interest credit card!

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