Announcing the Winner of the $25 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway – "Cheapskates Need Love Too Edition"

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A little over three weeks ago on February 14th, My Personal Finance Journey announced a $25 Amazon gift card giveaway to commemorate the beginning of the new, Cheapskate Jake’s Frugal Ramblin’s Series. You can read the first two posts in the series by clicking the links below.

This giveaway was sponsored by Barb Friedberg at Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance, and in order to enter in to the running for the grand prize, the entrants were asked to share a story about the biggest cheapskate they know in their life. I was definitely blown away by all of the good stories that were entered!

And, thanks to our two judges (Sandy @ Yes, I Am Cheap and Crystal @ Budgeting In The Fun Stuff), yesterday, we were able to crown our winner of the $25 Amazon Gift Card.

The winner was Liz, who received a perfect 10/10 score from the judges with the awesome story shown below. The second and third place entries are shown below as well! Enjoy!

First Place

I knew someone whose dad was extremely cheap. They had a septic tank at home, so it cost money to have it emptied periodically. The dad was so cheap that he used to admonish his son if he had to… ahem… move his bowels at home! He’d actually yell at him about how he should only use the bathroom at school for his costlier eliminatory functions! It probably goes without saying, but I forgot to mention that the dad also rationed everyone’s toilet paper!

Second Place – In second place, with a score of 9/10, was Lauren, who brought us the story below.

My friend’s mom told us that once she went into her local hardware store, she takes the giant, cylindrical paper towel roll inside the paper towel dispenser and puts it in her purse so she didn’t have to buy paper towels.  Also, rather than squirting toothpaste on her toothbrush, she “dips” the top bristles of her toothpaste into the hole and scraps a little bit out.  Finally, instead of buying my friend one of our $7 homecoming t-shirts, she went to a craft store and got a white t-shirt for 2 bucks and wrote “Go Panthers!” on it with a sharpie

Third Place – In third place, with a score of 7/10, was Mom’s Plan, who brought us the story below. 

I had a friend in grad school who was so cheap he would only go out to eat during Applebee’s happy hour and then he would order the 1/2 price appetizers. He did this whether going out with friends or going out on a date. Also, if he went dancing with a girl at a club and it was lady’s night so the woman got in free, he would make her pay half of his entrance fee.

You can read the rest of the entries by clicking this link.

Thanks so much to everyone out there who participated by sharing their cheapskate stories, reading, judging, or sponsoring this contest! It sure was fun to put on! I will definitely do something similar in the future.


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