Cavalcade of Risk # 127 – Riskiest Jobs Edition – March 23, 2011

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Welcome everyone to the March 23rd, 2011 edition of Cavalcade of Risk. The Cavalcade of Risk, as is implicated by the name, is a weekly blog carnival that features the top articles regarding risk management.

The theme of this week’s carnival is the top 5 riskiest jobs in the United States. It is truly amazing to me that the #1 riskiest profession has SO many more deaths per 100,000 workers than any of the others! Wild stuff!

Listed below are this week’s Top 3 Editor’s Picks! Enjoy!

1. Sustainable PF presents Local Insurance Brokerages – A Dying Service? posted at Sustainable Personal Finance, saying, “While you may think a local insurance broker is reducing your risk, the only risk you’ll encounter by using such deprecated services is a throttling to your bank balance.”

2. Consumer Boomer presents Should You Buy Divorce Insurance? posted at Consumer Boomer, saying, “Starting over after the devastation of divorce may not seem so daunting if there is a bit of a safety net to fall back on. Here’s what you need to know about divorce insurance.”

3. FMF presents How to Prepare for a Major Home Disaster posted at Free Money Finance, saying, “What you should do in advance to prepare for a major home disaster like a fire, flood, tornado, etc.”

5th Riskiest Job – Farming – 38 deaths per 100,000 workers
Many farmers’ duties include operating heavy machinery, the biggest sources of hazards on the job.

And, listed below are the best of the rest!

Bank Guru presents Is Lending Money Worth the Risk? posted at Bank Nerd.

BIFS presents Are 2 Roth IRA’s, Stocks, and a Pension Enough for Early Retirement? posted at Budgeting In the Fun Stuff, saying, “I’m questioning if our current investments are enough to cover the risk we will be assuming for early retirement.”

Julie Ferguson presents Are nurses and health care workers facing more on-the-job violence? posted at Workers Comp Insider, saying, “Are nurses and other health care workers at increased risk for on-the-job violence – and is this emblematic of a dysfunctional health system or just a sign of the times?”

Henry Stern, LUTCF, CBC presents Show some CLASS, man! posted at InsureBlog, saying, “One of the risks of aging is the potential need for long term care. InsureBlog deconstructs the new federal long term care insurance program.”

4th Riskiest Job – Iron and Steel Workers – 45.5 deaths per 100,000 workers
Most work at great heights, with the greatest cause of injury or death coming from falls. The majority wear harnesses and most job sites provide safety nets.

Jason Shafrin presents Japan’s Nuclear Fallout: The Health Impact posted at Healthcare Economist, saying, “The Healthcare Economist addresses the health risks inherent in Japan’s nuclear crisis.”

David Williams presents Malpractice defense: Midgut Volvulus Following Gastric Bypass and Ventral Hernia Repairs posted at Health Business Blog, saying, “The last line of defense for a surgeon in risk management is to prepare a visual strategy to defend the case before a jury. Here’s how it’s done using a case study of gastric bypass and hernia repair”

Nancy Germond presents Recent Earthquakes May Be Enough to Shake the Property Insurance Market | Risk Management for the 21st Century posted at

Mike Ross presents Home Insurance Meltdown: Is Nuclear Radiation Covered? posted at Insurance, saying, “Would your home insurance cover radiation damage from a nuclear meltdown?”

3rd Riskiest Job – Pilots and flight engineers – 67 deaths per 100,000 workers
Full crashes are relatively rare. Conditions and risks are most acute for test pilots, who check equipment for new, experimental plans, and crop dusters, who are exposed to toxins and sometimes lack a regular landing strip. Helicopter pilots often engage in dangerous rescue.

Russell Hutchinson presents Commentary on Life Sales Numbers posted at moneyblog, saying, “Hutchinson talks about how the recent Christchurch earthquakes have affected life product sales – but not as much as tax changes and regulation.”

The Amateur Financier presents Don’t Let Feelings of Safety Make You Take More Risk posted at The Amateur Financier, saying, “A guide to the risk of letting feelings that your financial situation is secure (without true knowledge of where you stand) cause you to take more risk than you can afford.”

Jim Yih presents Caution before you cancel life insurance policies posted at Retire Happy Blog, saying, “Before you cancel life insurance make sure you’ve covered all the angles because you have one chance to make the right decision. Once you cancel, it’s really tough to get it back and in many cases, you won’t be able to get it back.”

2nd Riskiest Job – Logging – 86.4 deaths per 100,000 workers
Highly concentrated in Alaska and Maine, loggers are susceptible to high winds, falling branches and hidden roots or vines that present great risks around chain saws and other heavy equipment.

Louise presents Does Colorado’s New Maternity Law Impact Underwriting? posted at Colorado Health Insurance Insider, saying, “My understanding of HB 1021 was that it didn’t change anything with regards to medical underwriting.  The bill states that pregnancy is still considered a pre-existing condition, which I would interpret to mean that carriers can use whatever underwriting guidelines they already have in place.  In the case of an applicant applying for a new policy, the “pre-existing condition” of pregnancy results in a decline, and I see nothing in HB 1021 that would prohibit this action.”

Outlaw presents How Much is Renters Insurance posted at Outlaw Finance, saying, “Don’t leave it up to chance. Get renters insurance. It’s cheap and easy to get.”

Susan Howe presents Why won’t Californians buy earthquake insurance? posted at Insure, saying, “If you think Californians’ reluctance to buy earthquake insurance is just about high deductibles and premiums, think again.”

# 1 Riskiest Job in the USA! – Fishers and related workers – 111.8 deaths per 100,000 workers
Commercial fishers work in all kinds of weather, often hundreds of miles from shore with no help readily available. Crew members risk falling on slippery decks, which can result in serious injuries or even going overboard. There are also potential hazards of malfunctioning fishing gear and becoming entangled in large nets.

Well – that concludes this edition. Thanks for tuning in!

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