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Good evening fellow financial faithful! I have good news to report!

At midnight last night, My Personal Finance Journey switched over to the Intense Debate commenting system (previously, we were using the Disqus commenting system). We made the switch for the following two reasons:

1) Several people were emailing me mentioning that they were unable to comment on the site because the Disqus commenting box was not showing up. I am guessing that this was some sort of problem between the Disqus/Blogger platform interface.

2) Disqus did not offer the CommentLuv plug-in/application, which allows commentors to display a the title and link to their most recent post whenever they comment on the site.

Note: If you are a fellow blogger, you can sign up for a free CommentLuv account, which will enable you to choose between the last 10 posts written on your blog to display next to your comment, by clicking the link below.

Sign Up for a Free CommentLuv Account

While the change in commenting system may be a little different, I am hopeful that all of my readers will bear with me in adjusting to this change, as I think it will 1) foster more community on the site, 2) be easier to use, and 3) give more incentive for commenting by enabling you to display your last blog post with the CommentLuv plug-in.

How about you all? What have your experiences been using the Intense Debate and/or Disqus commenting applications? Which did you like better? 

Share your experiences by commenting below!

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    1. This is awesome. Commentluv is a real good innovation advantageous to bloggers.

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