Yakezie Blog Swap # 3 Roundup and My Favorite Pick

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One week ago, My Personal Finance Journey participated in the 3rd ever Yakezie Blog Swap. 

In this event, members and challengers of the Yakezie Personal Finance Blog Network paired up and traded posts amongst themselves on the common topic of “a time that you splurged and were glad you did.”

My Favorite Swapped Post from the Event

After reading through all of the articles in this blog swap, my hands-down favorite is the one below! Beautifully written, very entertaining, and it definitely made me laugh! Nice work 101 Centavos!

101 Centavos went nuts on an anniversary, but you know what that can get you… Read about it at Broke Professionals.

My Swap

Derek from My Life and Finances got a sweet new digital camera and told us about it on my My Personal Finance Journey.
I have splurged a couple of times on travel and outdoor gear and have no regrets. Enjoy as I share these experiences at My Life and Finances.

Best of the Rest!

Narrow Bridge Finance wrote about his journey to become a DJ at Beating Broke.

Beating Broke wrote about shoe shopping at Narrow Bridge.
Barbara Friedberg got a really nice couch and shared the experience at Wealth Informatics.
Suba doesn’t think the rent is too high, in fact, Suba thinks it is worth it and shares at Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance.
Mr. and Mrs. BP spent a lot when they got a dog. Read about it at 101 Centavos.
Latisha Styles’ post at Bucksome Boomer is I Spent How Much?! My Birthday Trip to the Bahamas.
Kay Lynn spent her heart out on a new car with all the bells and whistles, and you can read about it at Financial Success for Young Adults.
Miss T. likes to splurge on travel. We have something in common!!! The difference? She wrote about it at Live Real Now.
Jason is a fan of the luxury of vacation. You can read about it at the Prairie EcoThrifter.

How about you all? Which post above was your favorite? 

Share your experiences by commenting below!

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