Yakezie Blog Swap # 4 Roundup and My Favorite Pick

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On Friday of last week, My Personal Finance Journey participated in and organized the 4th ever Yakezie Blog Swap. 

In this event, members and challengers of theYakezie Personal Finance Blog Network paired up and traded posts amongst themselves on the common topic of “our biggest financial pet peeve.”

My Favorite Swapped Post from the Event

After reading through all of the articles in this blog swap, my hands-down favorite is the one below! Very insightful about a crucial topic! Nice work Robert @ College Investor!

Robert from The College Investor wrote about how people making mistakes with their 401k accounts is a big “no-no” at Thousandaire. 

My Swap

I wrote about 3 of my financial pet peeves (spending too much money on drinks, financing expensive furniture, and active investing strategies) on Narrow Bridge Finance.

Narrow Bridge Finance posted about how people not taking responsibility for their financial actions infuriates him on My Personal Finance Journey.

The Rest!

Prairie Eco-Thrifter posted about how sales tax is her biggest financial pet peeve at 101 Centavos.

101 Centavos posted about how wasting food makes his blood pressure rise at Prairie Eco-Thrifter.

LaTisha D Styles writes about how greedy banks upset her at Retire by 40.

Retire by 40 wrote about how bigger is not necessarily better at FSYA Online.

Bucksome Boomer writes about how advertisers that hide the real price of a product is maddening at The Single Saver.

The Single Saver wrote about parents who do not teach their children financial responsibility at Bucksome Boomer.

Kevin from Thousandaire writes about people having misconceptions about Roth IRA’s at The College Investor.

Time from Faith and Finance vents about financial institutions charging to send paper account statements, but still send out a plethora of paper junk mail at Live Real Now.

Jason from Live Real Now politely rants about how aggravating it is to see people whine about their less-than-ideal financial situations, yet do nothing about it, at Faith and Finance.

Money Sanity vents about people complaining about paying overdraft and bank fees, while at the same time, having no idea how much credit card debt they have or their checking account balance at The Saved Quarter

The Saved Quarter writes about people who are financially irresponsible and want to complain about how broke they are while showing off the new things they bought at Money Sanity

Barb Friedberg talks about how investment advisors that get paid to sell products (more salesman than investment advisors in my book) upset her at Happy Simple Living

Happy Simple Living writes about how companies and people that exploit others aggravate her at Barb Friedberg Personal Finance.

How about you all? Which article was your favorite? 

Share your experiences by commenting below!

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    1. Thanks for putting this together!
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    2. Jacob, I was really impressed with the whole lot of posts. Each time I read one, I said to myself, “that irks me too!” This topic had much more substance than I originally thought. I'm off to plagarize for my round up.

    3. I really liked Thousandaire's post about the ira's. I'm posting my round up as wednesday's link love post.
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    4. Thanks for putting this together!
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    5. I loved all the posts… each topic made me thing “now why didn't I write about THAT!” This was my first blog swap and I truly enjoyed it.
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    6. I'm glad you enjoyed the experience Single Saver! Be sure to sign up for the next one, coming up soon!
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    7. Thanks for hosting. I'll have to skip the next one because of a business trip that week but will be back for #6.
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