Financial Goals April 2011 Update – Short Term, Mid-Term, and Long Term

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Back in January of this year, I laid out my short term, mid-term, and long term goals for the 2011 year. I do this once every year as part of my goal to create what author David Bach calls a Purpose Focused Financial Plan. The goal of this system is to employ money in your life in a way that matches your life values and dreams.

You can read more about my journey to create this system at the following links – Creating a Purposed Focused Financial Plan & My Personal Finance Journey’s Investment Strategy.

As part of making this system work, I wanted to give an update on how I’m doing so far this year with the goals I established. Overall, I feel that I am doing a satisfactory job.

Updated 13-April-2011

Short Term (< 1 year) Goals:

  • Contribute $5000 (or $420 per month) to my Roth IRA with Vanguard this year (maximum allowed) – Have contributed $2,640 so far this year. This puts me a little ahead of my target of $420 per month, but that’s all right. 
  • Reach net worth target for this year (not displayed here) – Ongoing – getting closer and closer! Requires 20% increase in net worth. May not be possible to obtain, but will attempt.
  • Maintain target 6-9 months of expenses in cash reserve fund in Dollar Savings Direct account – Correct for this month, but ongoing.
  • Rebalance mutual fund portfolio to meet asset allocation target %’s (75% equity, 25% fixed income overall) – Correct for now, but ongoing.
  • Obtain 15% ownership / equity in condominium – Ongoing – currently have 10.11% ownership.
  • Put together a will and have it reviewed by a lawyer – Will completed. Not yet reviewed by lawyer.
  • Continue to save money for trip to Grand Canyon – Ongoing – need to figure out when to take this.
  • Upgrade condominium with investment in stacked washer/dryer combo – $1000 for unit, $1000 for labor/installation – Currently saving $87.50 per month for home maintenance and upgrades – Ongoing, but on track.
  • Invest $500 in Microloans for Latin America in 2011 ($41.67 per month) –Ongoing – Have invested a total of $208 this year so far to working poor fund in Peru. This comes with a pretty nice 3% interest rate. Note: I use to invest this money. It seems to work well and be dependable.
  • Donate $1,150 to Multiple Sclerosis Foundation in 2011 (5% of income) –Done. So far, I have raised approximately $3,800 to support finding a cure for this disease. If you’re interested in making just a $10 donation to my ride, click here.
  • Save 3% of take home pay each month (after taxes) for Dream Account. On target – Have an automatic transfer each month from my Bank of America checking account to my ING Direct high yield savings account.

Mid-Term (3-5 years out) Goals:

  • Continue contributing $5000 to Roth IRA each year
  • Reach intermediate net worth target (not displayed here, but is 2X my current net worth)
  • Own a rental property by 2016.

Long-Term (>5 years out) Goals:

  • Obtain a net worth of $1,000,000
  • Own a home free of mortgage payments
  • Own a vacation home in the mountains somewhere remote
  • Accumulate enough funds not have to work, but will probably anyways because I would get bored. 

How about you all? What are your financial goals for 2011 and beyond? Are you all staying on target in reaching those goals?

Share your experiences by commenting below!

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    1. Over all I am doing pretty well with my goals. My surprise was seeing progress with improving my patience. I used a journal to document triggers and it made me focus on what caused my impatience. It is still a work in progress, but I am seeing some positive results!
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    2. Looks like you have some well thought out goals and are making great progress! I have goals for 2011, but I probably should create some mid-term and long-term goals too.

      So far I am doing pretty good with my goals for 2011. One of my goals was to increase my 401k contribution by 2% by the end of the year. I already achieved that one and am going to aim for another 1 or 2%.
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      • My Per Fin Journey says:

        Thanks for reading MoneyinThe20's! I admit that sometimes, it is hard for me to stay focused/remember the longer term goals. However, keep these updates alive always gives me a little boost!

        Nice work on increasing your 401k contribution! Does your employer offer a match? Just remember that general advice is to 1) contribute to the employer match level, then 2) fully fund IRA, then 3) fully fund 401k!
        My recent post Financial Goals April 2011 Update – Short Term- Mid-Term- and Long Term

    3. Our goals sound very very similar. Curious though, why MS though?

      • Good question Evan! MS is my main fundraising effort for the year because 1) I am part of a team that, the Grateful Tread, that joins together to do the event each year and 2) because it is related to the protein aggregation disease research I am doing in graduate school.
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    4. Excellent Jacob! I like the way how you've split your goals into short, mid and long term ones! Nice template for one to follow!
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    5. JohnsonSmith says:

      Great plan you have. Now ,I will also plan like this. Thanks for such post.
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