1. I put in a little less than 5% on my 401K, but max out my Roth.
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  2. Hello!

    We max out both of our Roth IRAs, and then 6.45% of my income goes into my pension fund, and 3% of my husband's income goes into his matching 401(k).

    Those monetary amounts for retirement accounts are super scary considering how old these people are!

    Also, I voted on your sidebar. We're at 1% with ING. Man I miss those 5% days.
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  3. optionsdude says:

    Well, I manage to save between 10-15% or my pretax income into retirement accounts.
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  4. Great little experiment/poll!

    I save 15% in my 401k, but I also save invest 10% move in my regular brokerage account and Roth IRA, so my total saving/investing percent is about 25%.
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    • Thanks for reading Money Reasons! 15% to your 401k is great! Just make sure to max out the Roth before contributing too much to your 401k. I've read that's usually the better move since there are more options available inside a Roth compared to a 401k
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  5. Jacob, Superb article!!! It's going in my next round up. Wonderful, poll and analysis. We max out two Roth's and hubby's retirement. Also, save most of any secondary income that comes in. Although distressed with low rates on savings accounts, I'm sure they are just temporary. Have invested some of our cash in short term bonds at 3-4%.

  6. Dugg and tweeted!

  7. We max out both my 401k and the Mrs. When we have extra money, we put it into our brokerage account. I think we save about 15-20% of our income.
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