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On April 7th, JT McGee from Money Mamba came up with the idea for a Yakezie Personality Type Blog Carnival.

The goals of this carnival were as follows: 1) connect Yakezie Personal Finance Blog Network members to one another, and 2) learn about how you operate from the inside out and share with your readers so that they can learn about you as well.

To participate in the Carnival, we were instructed to take the Jung Personality Type test (at the following link – HumanMetrics – Jung Personality Test), answer the 72 questions that it presents, and then research the meaning of the personality type code our answers generate on Google or another resource.
The 72 questions that the test asks do not actually take that long to answer, as they are all require “yes” or “no” responses. The subject matter of the questions involve different topics, ranging from how we feel in crowds to the basic way that we accomplish life’s tasks.
My Result

The personality code that my answers generated was ENFJ – Extraverted Intuitive Feeling Judging.

Found in only 5% of the population, describes ENFJ’s as “the benevolent pedagogues of humanity.” The primary mode of living for ENFJ’s is focused externally, where issues are handled according how you feels about them, or how they relate to your personal value system.
For ENFJ’s, the deepest level of personal satisfaction comes from making things happen for other people. Typically, they do this through understanding, supporting, and encouraging others. They are often more reserved about exposing their beliefs than other extroverted people, because expressing them might interfere in bringing out the best in others. In this way, they are often good mentors and teachers.
ENFJ’s have an good ability to take interest in people, identify their strengths, and draw that strength out of a sometimes reserved interior. ENFJ’s, or teachers as they are sometimes called, identify easily with others, and often find themselves mimicking the characteristics of those around them.
Another somewhat interesting characteristic of this personality type is what was called the “first-shall-be-last open door policy.” What this means is that often times, an ENFJ will be helping one person, and half-way through the conversation, the phone rings, and someone else is requesting help from the ENFJ. The ENFJ will then deal with the 2nd person first until their need is stabilized before returning to assist the 1st person that came asking for help.
My Analysis of the Result

In my opinion, this personality type describes me with shockingly scary accuracy (at least in my opinion). Who knew this test could predict so well by asking such vague “yes” or “no” questions?!

First, I do rely heavily on my feelings in getting things done. This is one of the reasons that I have chosen a career in the health field because it is important to me to feel I am making a difference in something. For me, it is of the upmost importance to have my heart in what I do. If this is not the case, I most likely will not be able to do it successfully.
I also agree with this result because perhaps the time when I feel most “fulfilled” in life is when I have either 1) brought out a hidden talent in someone, 2) been able to reach someone on a personal level that is not receptive to personal interactions anyway, and 3) when I have helped someone accomplish a task or learn something new. Even though I do enjoy helping others learn, I definitely would not be teacher material, at least for the time being (in the sense of a 1st grade teacher, etc). 
One of my previous jobs involved training process operators to run different cleaning and sterilization processes of the vaccine line I worked on. Even though this was not actually my main responsibility, I derived a lot of satisfaction from guiding the operators to learn something new. And, I spent many hours doing so. Sometimes, I would focus too much on training others and would get some “professional reminders” to remember to commit time to a more independent project that was supposed to be 30% of my job.
How I Interpret This Result In The Context Of A Career

In the context of career pursuits, I think that since ENFJ’s derive the most satisfaction from enabling others to perform at their best, it will be important for me to find a job where I can guide and mentor others. This wouldn’t even need to be in a boss-employee way, just as long as I was able to transfer my knowledge to others. I think this is more important to me than actually doing the work myself.
Several Famous ENFJ’s

And, last but not least, for your viewing pleasure, listed below are several famous ENFJ’s from the history books.

Abraham Lincoln 
Ronald Reagan 
Barack Obama 
Sean Connery 
Francois Mitterand 
Dick Van Dyke 
Andy Griffith 
William Aramony, former president of United Way 
Gene Hackman (Superman, Antz) 
Dennis Hopper (Speed) 
Brenda Vaccaro 
Craig T. Nelson (Coach) 
Diane Sawyer (Good Morning America) 
Randy Quaid (Bye Bye, Love; Independence Day) 
Tommy Lee Jones (The Fugitive) 
Michael Jordan, NBA basketball player 

How about you all? Have you taken the Jung Typology Personality Test? What was your resulting type? Did you agree with the description? 

Share your experiences by commenting below!

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    1. I am an ENTJ (Extroverted iNtuitive Thinking Judging) personality. It is referred to as “The Executive”. Apparently 30+ years in business either affected my personality or it was a good fit for my personality. I guess I will never know.
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      • That does indeed fit your current CFO occupation Krantcents! Out of curiosity, what did the description of the results say that ENTJ's were happiest doing? I find that is pretty interesting stuff! For me at least, it was very accurate.
        My recent post Personality Test Results

    2. It's important to get to know your type of personality not only for other people to understand you but also to figure out how to deal with yourself. Great article! I like it.

    3. It's important to get to know your type of personality not only for other people to understand you but also to figure out how to deal with yourself. Great article! I like it.

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