Yakezie Blog Swap # 5 Roundup and My Favorite Pick

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On Friday of this week, My Personal Finance Journey participated in the 5th ever Yakezie Blog Swap. 

In this event, members and challengers of theYakezie Personal Finance Blog Network paired up and traded posts amongst themselves on the common topic of “what motivates us to be financially responsible.”

My Favorite Swapped Post

After reading through all of the posts for this week (there were a lot of great ones!), I’ve decided that my favorite one was written by Justin from Money is the Root.

In this article, Justin explains how he had two parents with very different viewpoints and actions regarding money. However, he explains how through a lot of sacrific, his mother was able to support him going through college and getting his MBA in finance from The University of Michigan. Quite an inspirational post!

You can read the whole article at the link below!

What Motivates You Financially? – Just from Money is the Root

My Swapped Post
This week, I partnered with Khaleef from KNS Financial! His and my posts can be read at the links below.
  • Khaleef writes about how how his faith drives his finances here at My Personal Finance Journey.
  • I share the three things I do to keep focus and motivation at KNS Financial. These include keeping on target with my Purposed Focused Financial Plan, updating my net worth and financial goals, and keeping myself accountable by posting these updates on my blog.

The Rest of the Great Financial Motivation Posts

How about you all? Which post was your favorite? And more importantly, what motivates you financially? 

Share your experiences by commenting below!

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