Yakezie Blog Swap # 6 Roundup and My Favorite Picks

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On Friday of last week (29-April-2011), My Personal Finance Journey participated in the 6th Yakezie Blog Swap. In this event, members and challenges of the Yakezie Personal Finance Network paired up and exchanged posts on the common topic of, “if you were homeless, what would you do to improve your situation?”

There were 16 bloggers who participated, and this blog swap was set up as a trail of crumbs. There were four total stops. At each stop, you were sent to the next post until you made it back to the first.

My Favorite Swapped Post

In this blog swap, I really had two favorite posts, each selected for different reasons. Read more about them below!

In my opinion, the most entertaining and well-written post was the one Debt Payer posted at Modern Tightwad. This was a favorite because it reads as a story in first person narrative and is very engaging! – What Would You Do if You Were Homeless?
My favorite post based on the actual content was the article written by The Saved Quarter posted at Debt Payer about Getting Out of Poverty before you are even in it. I really learned a lot from this one! 

My Swap

I posted at The Saved Quarter with how I would Improve My Situation If Homeless by working for tips.
Andi B. from Modern Tightwad posted at on my site with a clever idea for bathing – A Homeless Plan to Guard Against Hopelessness.

The Rest

Debt Free Divas posted at FSYA Online about securing shelter first. Poor or Homeless.
FYSA Online posted at Smart Money Focus about using education to help with a Homeless but not Hopeless situation.
Smart Money Focus posted at Life and My Finances, reminding us that the U.S. is still seen as a place of luxury with Thank God I’m Homeless in the U.S.!
Life and My Finances posted at Debt Free Divas with a very smart $4 dollar plan to getting back to comfort. If I was Homeless and Poor.
Khaleef from KNS Financial posted at Money Talks about humbly asking for help and getting back to full recovery.
Money Talks posted at Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance and had an idea for getting immediate cash and food in one fell swoop with I’m Homeless, Now What?
Barbara Friedberg posted at Narrow Bridge with a backup plan for taking on the challenge of poverty with You’re Homeless…Now What?.
Narrow Bridge posted at KNS Financial with How To Recover From Being Broke by first taking responsibility.
Bucksome Boomer posted at Debt Eye about hard work with Poverty Can Teach Lessons for Life.
Debt Eye posted at Retire by 40 with What if You’re Homeless? and mentioned how any job would be worth it.
Retire by 40 posted at The Single Saver with What I Would Do If I Were Homeless and suggested starting a small business.
The Single Saver posted at Bucksome Boomer and mentioned that the best defense is a good offense with How Do You Plan for Financial Disaster?
Be sure to visit each blog and share your thoughts on the topic!

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  1. Debt payer says:

    Thanks for the encouraging words. I'm glad you enjoyed the post.
    My recent post My 7 Favorite Personal Finance Posts- April 15-May 1

    • You're most welcome! I really enjoy your writing style! I suppose life as a freelancer suits you! 🙂
      My recent post Yakezie Blog Swap 6 Roundup and My Favorite Picks

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