Carnival of Wealth #47 – July 17 2011 Edition

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Welcome to the 47th edition of the Carnival of Wealth! We at My Personal Finance Journey are very excited to be hosting the carnival again. The last time we hosted was the December 26th Fantabolous YouTube Christmas videos edition, and we very much enjoyed reading all of the articles.

If you haven’t been by our site in a while, be sure to check out our big project for the month of July – The Tour de Personal Finance (a competition for personal finance blog articles). The event is currently in the 4th Round (Stage 14), and there are only 6 blogs/posts left. Be sure to stop by and cast your vote for your favorite article by clicking here.

But, enough of that for now! Let’s get to the Carnival. Listed below are the top 3 editor’s picks for this week’s edition.

Top 3 Editor’s Picks

1. Glen Craig presents What is a Credit Card Number? It’s Far From Random posted at Free From Broke.

2. Kathryn C presents What commitment phobes and investment phobes have in common posted at Kathryn’s Conversations, saying, “What do you think the similarities are between being paranoid about getting married and being paranoid about investing? I’ll tell you! So which one are you? or both?”

3. Neal Frankle presents Bear Market Withdrawal Strategies For Retirees posted at Wealth Pilgrim, saying, “If you are retired and taking withdrawals from your investments, you’re likely very concerned when the market isn’t doing well.”

Congrats to this week’s three winners! The rest of the submissions for this week are listed below.

Credit and Debt

Crystal presents Guide to Debt Prevention posted at Budgeting in the Fun Stuff.

Philip presents How to Pay for College Without Loans posted at Deliver Away Debt.

Jon the Saver presents Is Free Score Any Good? posted at Free Money Wisdom.


Kyle Taylor presents 2012 Elections: How to Profit from Them posted at The Penny Hoarder.

BWL presents 7 Habits of Successful Bloggers posted at Blogging Your Passion, saying, “If you want to be successful with your blogging these are a few of the common characteristics that most successful bloggers share…”

Jason presents Making Extra Money: Niche Selection posted at Live Real Now.


Before You Invest presents How to Teach Kids To Invest posted at Before You Invest, saying, “With so many young people graduating without knowing how to manage their money it is vital that we teach our children how to be smart with their personal finances.”


Control Your Cash presents This is Enough to Make Anyone a Red Sox Fan posted at Control Your Cash.

Boomer presents Should You Sell The Family Home? posted at Boomer & Echo.

Outlaw presents Can You Contribute to a Roth IRA and a 401K? posted at Outlaw Finance.

Philip Taylor presents Pay Cash or Finance a Car? posted at PT Money Personal Finance.

Maxim Kazawy presents Stocks that are Raising Dividends – July 2011 Edition posted at Best Dividend Stocks, saying, “Most retirees & Income investors know the value of stocks that are raising their dividends gradually over time. Dividend growth can make low yielding dividend stocks in to high yield dividend stocks over time because of the growth of dividends.”

MM presents Volume Indicator Experiment posted at black swans & white crows.


Eirini H. presents More money will only make you more of what you already are posted at Ask your Dreams for Ideas, saying, “Money is not the solution to any of our problems,financial or otherwise!
Don’t pray for more money. Pray for more wisdom first”

Kevin presents Savings=Freedom posted at Invest It Wisely.

Money Cone presents Focus on Recurring Expenses to Improve Savings posted at Money Cone.

Brian presents Money Saving Tips for Gamers posted at Wallet Watcher.

Money Spending Mommy presents How Giving Up Expensive Habits Can Save You Lots of Money posted at Money Spending Mommy.

Personal Finance

Bob presents 5 Overseas Travel Credit Card Tips posted at Christian Personal Finance.

The Family Wallet presents Five Ways to Deal with Financial Stress posted at The Family Wallet.

Investor Junkie presents Just Starting Up: Loan or Investment posted at Investor Junkie.

Sustainable PF presents My Take on the Emergency Fund posted at Sustainable Personal Finance.

Matt presents What to Do When Your Income Drops posted at Living in Financial Excellence.

Kelly presents Let the Dark Knight Guide Your Finances posted at Frugal Living.

Miss T presents Christmas in July posted at Prairie Eco Thrifter.

FMF presents Six Steps to Financial Independence posted at Free Money Finance.

Melissa presents Ways to Find Free Gifts – A Lesson I Learned from My Son posted at Mom’s Plans.

Money Beagle presents I’d Rather Be Safe Than Sorry posted at Money Beagle.

Paula @ presents Property and the Pursuit of Happiness posted at

Dr. Dean presents Cable TV: Can The Cord Be Cut? posted at The Millionaire Nurse Blog.

Tim Chen presents With a Good City Credit Card, It’s Okay to Eat Out posted at NerdWallet Blog – Credit Card Watch, saying, “There’s a thousand credit cards for suburbanites, but a true city credit card appreciates fine dining, entertainment and shopping, preferably all three.”

Alex Young presents 5 Ways To Turn Ambition Into Results posted at Yell0BrickRd, saying, “Ambition isn’t really a valuable commodity at all. Have you stopped to ask yourself how you are different? Why will you be the one to achieve your ambitions rather than the person next to you? There are many people who have ideas on how to make a lot of money, but knowing how to turn ambition into results is the key. Here are 5 keys that can help”

Moneyedup presents Building Wealth Instead of Clipping Coupons posted at MoneyedUP, saying, “One of the big fads right now is extreme couponing. While there is nothing wrong with extreme savings, and many people can save a great deal of money clipping coupons, there might be another way to use your time and get even better results.”

Teacher Man presents Debt Consolidation posted at My University Money, saying, “A good way to beat that 18% interest rate on your credit card is to look into some debt consolidation.”


Mike Piper presents What’s My Cost Basis for Inherited Property? posted at The Oblivious Investor, saying, “For inherited property, what cost basis should be used for the purpose of calculating capital gains/losses?”


Jon Milligan presents How to Wake Yourself Up posted at Simple Life Habits, saying, “Not a morning person? Follow these tips to wake yourself up and be more productive”
Michael Donelly presents Benefit from Moving to Another Country posted at Another Way, saying, “Why you should read this: It will provide you with ideas how to improve the quality of your life, start over and “open the door” to numerous opportunities. What you can gain: You will get another chance to build up your life from scratch, use your skills and knowledge to the fullest and fulfill your potential. The cost: some time for preparation of necessary documents (visas and passports) and transport and accommodation costs (the amount varies a lot depending on the country you’ve chosen)”
Justin presents Variable vs Fixed Costs posted at Money is the Root.

That concludes this edition. If your article was selected to appear in this week’s Carnival, please link back to this page within a week’s time. Hope you enjoyed the reading!

You can submit your blog article to the next edition of Carnival of Wealth using the carnival submission form. Or if you (like me) are having trouble using Blog Carnival platform use this alternate form to submit. Past posts and future hosts can be found on the blog carnival index page.

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