Cavalcade of Risk # 136 – Riskiest Sports Edition – July 27th, 2011

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Welcome everyone to the July 27th, 2011 edition of the Cavalcade of Risk. The Cavalcade of Risk, as is implicated by the name, is a bi-weekly blog carnival that features the top articles regarding risk management.

My Personal Finance Journey is honored to be hosting the Cav again this week. The last time we hosted (on March 23rd of this year), we featured a bunch of very interesting articles and centered the Carnival around the theme of the riskiest jobs in the United States. What we saw was that fishing and logging-related jobs weighed in as the riskiest occupations, with MANY more deaths per 100,000 workers than the other top-ranking riskiest jobs.  

Continuing on with this theme of exploring high risk activities, the theme of this week’s carnival is the top 3 riskiest sports in the world. But, without further ado, let’s get on with the Carnival.

Listed below are this week’s Top 3 Editor’s Picks! Enjoy!

1. Jason Shafrin presents Does Physician income increase from treating more complex patients? posted at Healthcare Economist. 

This article presents a very interesting aspect about the ever-changing economic landscape of medical care. And, it was something that I could relate to since several members of my family are physicians as well. 

From what I’ve heard from my family members, more and more doctors these days are getting paid based on the number of patients they see, not the complexity or time each case takes to treat. Even though this doesn’t make total sense and I don’t understand the thought process that the hospitals/payers employed to arrive at the strategy, it seems to be the reality of what is occurring. Jason’s article seems to support this trend as well.

2. Russell Hutchinson presents The History of Life Insurance posted at Chatswood Consulting Moneyblog.

It was no surprise to me to learn that the concept of insurance is not new. However, I didn’t realize just how “not-new” it really was until I read this article. Russell’s article at the link above gives some very interesting accounts of insurance being seen 5000 or more years ago! Pretty cool stuff!

3. Henry Stern, LUTCF, CBC presents Risk Management and Cell Phones posted at InsureBlog.

Cells phones have really become a universal item for people to carry around with them. In fact, it’s becoming more and more prevalent for people to not have a home phone at all and just use their cell phone for all of their calling needs. 

While this does streamline a person’s life quite a bit, it also can create significant distractions – especially for people that get cell phone calls while they are driving. Henry’s article shares some interesting results from a comprehensive study showing that even hands-free cell phone calling while driving is not any safer than using a regular cell phone. This is definitely food for thought…

3rd Riskiest Sport – Horseracing
Personally, I would never have expected that this activity would rank so high on the list. But, I suppose that any time you combine high speeds with beasts weighing in at close to 800 lbs that could run over the riders, you have some danger that could happen! 

And, listed below are the best of the rest!

Stefan presents Calculate the risk of investments using the Altman Z-score posted at Skuzet, saying, “Always wanted to know how you can calculate the risk you take with your investments? Use the Altman Z-score to calculate the investment risk of your investments. Better though, use the Altman Z-calculator to calculate the risks on several selected stocks.”

Nancy Germond presents Most Exit Interviews Are a Waste of Time posted at Risk Management for the 21st Century.

Jaan Sidorov MD presents More On The Impact of Health Information Technology on Medical Practice: Errors of Ommission posted at The Disease Management Care Blog.

2nd Riskiest Sport – Cheerleading
Before putting this list together, there was no doubt in my mind that cheerleading was dangerous. Cheer leaders often have to perform on an unforgiving mix of hard surfaces – grass, concrete, streets, running tracks, etc. Falls happen frequently, especially with cheerleaders being thrown up in the air.

David E. Williams presents Is FDA getting ready to stifle innovation in diagnostic software?, saying “In regulating mobile health apps, the FDA seems to be heading down a path of requiring perfection in diagnostic software to eliminate the risk of error. If so, this will keep all such software off the market. That will stop the risk, but prevent the reward,” posted at Health Business Blog.
Van R. Mayhall, III presents Form F and Enterprise Risk: NAIC Expands Regulatory Authority under the Model Insurance Holding Company System Regulatory Act posted at Insurance Regulatory Law.
Julie Ferguson presents High hazard highway work zones: risky for workers and motorists alike posted at Workers’ Comp Insider.

# 1 Riskiest Sport in the USA! – Cave Diving
All right risk experts – I’ve got a great idea for a sport. Let’s take a safe activity like scuba diving in open water (**wink wink**) and make it a little more exhilarating. Instead of being able to see a straight line up to the surface, let’s explore underground caves filled with ice cold water and even possibly, sea-dwelling animals! Sounds like a blast!!!! I’m in Jacob! 

Well – that concludes this edition. Thanks for tuning in!

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      • It's a fun word! I looked up the definition recently as well, and it meant something quite different than what I thought!
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