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Happy Saturday everyone! The Tour de France 2011 is now among us, as it officially started earlier today with Stage 1! I really enjoy this time of year.

Going along with the celebratory ambiance I am feeling today, I wanted to express my gratitude to Eric over at for interviewing me about my experiences as a personal finance blogger so far.

You can view the complete interview at the link below.

Personal Finance Blogger Interview – Jacob @ My Personal Finance Journey

A summary of the various topics/questions addressed in the interview can be found below:

1) How did you get started in personal finance blogging? What was your inspiration?
2) On your site, you mention that you hope to “Unravel some of the myths around investing and personal finance that are ever-present in today’s society”. What is the biggest myth you have found since you started blogging? What is the real deal behind the myth?
3) If you wish you knew one personal finance tip when you were 18, what would it be?
4) What is the biggest personal finance lesson you learned the hard way?
5) Outside of blogging, what has been the biggest change you made to your financial life that made a difference? (i.e. making more money, frugal changes, budgeting, investing)

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