Tour de Personal Finance, Stage 7, Round 2 – Posts 25-32

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Without further a due, let’s continue on with the 7th Stage (the first Stage of the 2nd round of competition) of the 2011 My Personal Finance Journey Tour de Personal Finance (to follow all of the action, click on the Tour de Personal Finance category link and scroll down to read all the posts involved in this subject).

Going along with Tour de France cycling tradition, I’ve listed each competition within each stage as an “intermediate sprint” (one post versus another) along with the description provided by the blog author when the post was submitted.

Also, if applicable, I will give a brief description of the stage of the Tour de France that took place the same day as the competition.

How to Vote

You can vote for the two articles (one from each intermediate sprint) you’d like to see proceed in the Tour by commenting in the comments section below and telling which are your favorites.

I’ve listed a keyword after each post title to make it easy to vote (as a made-up example, you can just comment: Sprint 1: Mutual; Sprint 2: 401k, etc.) Be sure to comment which one you like the best out of each set of two! Criteria for the best article is completely up to you, but you can use these factors as a guide: 1) post of your favorite blogger, 2) most interesting post, 3) most thought-provoking post, 4) most unique post, or 5) most actionable post.

Here are today’s competitions (Sprint 1 and 2 started earlier today, so be sure to cast your vote for those articles as well!):

Voting will continue until July 11th for this Stage!

Intermediate Sprint # 3
  • THE Top 10 Bad Financial Lists (Lists): I grow weary and tired of bloggers putting out Top 5, 10, and 20 lists of various financial things that would make our lives better. So, I have devised a most nefarious, ugly, and downright useless list of financial lists (there is the twist) that could ever be published and still be labeled as SFW (Suitable for Work). Careful reading this, you may find yourself suddenly wanting to write a similar list mocking other bloggers. 
  • 35 Ways to Make More Money (35 Ways): Even in the best of times, one of the most common questions asked is, “How do I make more money?” While an increase in income can ease the way things work in your personal economy, it won’t necessarily solve all your problems.
Intermediate Sprint # 4
  • 24 Home-Based Business Ideas (Ideas): This article lists 24 opportunities that we can take advantage of from home to start making some extra income with a home-based business. 
  • Invest in Both Fitness and Finances (Fitness): Your health is a much more important investment than your personal finance life.  Learn how to master both and you’re set for life!

Tour de France Daily Recap

Today was also Stage 7 of the Tour de France. It was a fairly flat stage, with the riders traveling from Le Mans to Chateauroux. 

The race ended with a sprint, and world-class sprinter, Mark Cavendish, won ahead of current yellow jersey holder Thor Hushovd. Mark’s US-based HTC-Columbia Highroads team lead out the Manx Missile wonderfully! The overall standings at the end of the day remained the same awaiting the first big showdown in the mountains.

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    1. 35 Ways and Ideas

    2. Big Cajun Man says:

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    3. Lists and Fitness!

    4. 35 Ways
      My recent post Odds and ends.

    5. Lists

    6. Voting for this Stage is now closed. The winners are Lists and Ideas and will advance to the next round (Round 3). Thanks to everyone for reading, voting, and participating!!! 🙂
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