1. Santander – these are great perspectives on this important issue. I know that many people have security concerns as a primary objection to using internet based tools for managing their finances, but I happen to think that it's more risky to put a check in an envelope and stick it into your mailbox than it is to get your account hacked at a large financial institution using round the clock firewall protection etc. That is, provided you use common sense and good passwords (and never give information out to someone contacting YOU)

    Thanks for the post!
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    • Very good point Tracy. Sometimes when I place contents in envelopes in the mail, I don't think about what could happen if a fraudster were to get ahold of it, despite the securities taken by the mail service.

      Any thoughts on what's safe and not safe to send via snail mail financial-wise these days? Are checks OK?
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      • The information I've gotten, in reference to preventing identity theft, is to always put outgoing mail in a closed box (like is used at the post office or the blue locked mailboxes) that is locked. This safeguard prevents anyone without a key from having access to outgoing mail. I try not to put anything with sensitive information in my home mailbox for pickup – returning Netflix movies is fine 🙂
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  2. I enjoyed this post. Very clear cut and simple for those who need some help in the investing/savings world. I have never had issues with internet banking and it is extremely convenient. I couldn't think about doing it the snail mail way. Too much time. I recommend ” target=”_blank”> too for budgeting help!
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    • I'm with you Jon! I honestly wouldn't even know how to approach trading a share of a mutual fund in the days before online trading. I guess you used the phone?! haha

      Mint is definitely a good resource. You tried yet? They've sort of got a similar idea/product.
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  3. The internet does offer so many new options and resources for banking, but I’ve found it somewhat confusing with so many apps and resources to keep everything organized. I think internet resources should be considered as extra tools, but not as a substitute for physical records.

    • You're definitely right Alex. The number of apps and add-ons available these days is truly amazing! This has even pervaded in to the blogging world with widgets and such.
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