Contents and Building Insurance – Are These Coverage Types Necessary and What Do They Include?

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Contents and Building Insurance – Are These Coverage Types Necessary and What Do They Include?

Just how important is home insurance? Are contents and building insurance really necessary? Home insurance is vitally important and must include contents and buildings insurance if you want your home to be fully protected.

Home insurance should be a central part of your planning for the future. Should your house be severely damaged by storms or fire, or robbed and vandalized by an intruder who steals valuable items, how would you financially cover repairs and replacement costs without the assistance of your home insurance coverage?

Home insurance protects your property, but also your financial stability. Facing the costs of repairing extensive damage or replacing stolen valuables without any help from a home insurance payout would be a daunting prospect and one that must be avoided. The simple answer is to secure strong home insurance which incorporates both contents and building insurance.

What do contents and building home insurance cover you for?

Contents insurance provides important cover for all of the valuable items in your home, from your top of the line TV to your expensive jewelry. Sadly, burglaries are a common crime, particularly when the early dark nights of winter draw in.

You’ve worked hard for your home and property, why wouldn’t you cover everything contained within its walls with contents insurance? Contents insurance provides cover for your valuables against storms, fire, theft, attempted theft, and vandalism.

Should you be an unfortunate victim of a natural disaster, accident or crime, your contents insurance will pay money towards repairs or replacements. Be certain not to underestimate the worth of your valuables. It makes sense to pay for more expensive contents insurance that provides the strongest possible cover for your property.

Buildings insurance is equally important. It covers your house and all outbuildings like sheds, garages, and greenhouses against damage caused by severe weather conditions like heavy snowfall or storms.

It also covers accidents like fires and crime and vandalism. Likewise, the bursting of water pipes, leaking of gas pipes, broken roof tiles and chimneys, and the accidental breaking of windows are also usually covered by buildings insurance. Check each considered policy carefully for what is covered.


Needless to say, house repairs can be quite expensive. Buildings insurance is the best way to ensure you are covered for all those accidents and emergencies that are impossible to foretell and which would otherwise be a huge financial drain. Home insurance incorporating contents and building insurance provides peace of mind and protection for your home, family and finances.

Note from Jacob: It’s important to realize that even with home insurance coverage, you should still maintain an adequate emergency fund and home maintenance account in order to cover your home insurance deductible, other expenses that would endanger your earnings ability, and routine house maintenance that does not require tapping in to your home insurance.

How about you all? Do you have home insurance currently on your house? Do you feel it’s worth the cost? Have you ever had to tap in to your home insurance? Were fewer repair and replacements covered than you anticipated? 

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