Personal Finance Issues and Concerns Faced by Scientists and Engineers – Interview Today at Smart Family Finances

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Happy Saturday everyone! It’s a beautiful day here in Virginia, where the clouds that have lingered over the East Coast of the US have finally lifted, and we have sunshine and 70 degree F weather!

I wanted to let everyone know of an interview I did that was published today by our friend, Shaun, over at Smart Family Finance. Just click on the link below to view the interview.

Interview at Smart Family – Personal Finance Issues and Concerns Faced by Engineers and Scientists

As the title of the interview mentions, the questions discussed and answered relate to the specific debt accumulation and money saving financial issues encountered by scientists (especially scientists just beginning their careers). Overall, these problems are caused by the ability of scientists and engineers to earn MUCH HIGHER than average starting salaries at a very young age, often before they are financially mature.

The specific questions that are answered are listed below. Be sure to head on over and check it out!

1) What unique financial issues do students in engineering/science face?
2) Fact or Myth: Buying the latest technology is a common vice for engineers/scientists? If yes, how do engineering/science students fall prey to this vice; what justifications are common? Are there any other financial vices and why?
3) Could you provide three general misconceptions that engineers/scientists have about personal finances?
4) What personality traits make it easier and harder to talk finances with engineering/science students? What walls get thrown up and how do you overcome those barriers?
5) What ways can engineering/science be similar to personal finance? Are there any common engineering/science methodologies, approaches and/or techniques that convert well into good financial tools?
6) I’m an engineer/scientist just coming to the realization that I need to take personal finance seriously; could you tell me where to start and how I can avoid becoming board or complacent with my new interest? What can I expect down the financial road and how I can meet those challenges?

I hope you all enjoy the interview. Please let me know if you have any questions!

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      • My pleasure Shaun! Thanks again for letting me interview with you! I look forward to reading everyone's comments and also future interviews you do. Perhaps when you are further along in your blog, you can add an “all-star readers” interview series!
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    1. Will be sure to check out the interview. Sounds like great stuff!
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