Yakezie Blog Swap # 12 – Best and Worst Jobs in the World Edition Roundup and My Favorite Pick

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Happy Saturday morning everyone!

Yesterday, I had the privilege of being the host/organizer of the 12th official Yakezie Blog Swap. 

“What’s this strange sounding event?” you may be asking. Well, what transpires is that different members and challengers of the Yakezie Blog Network pair up and exchange posts on a common topic about once a month. And, we call it a blog swap! Sounds simple enough, right?!

As the host, I chose our topic/question to answer this month as: “What would be the best and worst jobs in the world and why?” Listed below is a compilation of the various posts that were part of the swap along with my favorite article that was written. Enjoy and thanks to everyone for participating and getting their posts live on time!

My Favorite Post

The College Investor posted about the worst job in the world being a slippery salesperson selling financial products with only the highest commissions stockbroker and the best job in the world being a fee-based financial planner at Money for College Project.

Being a passive investor and someone that is not a big fan of stockbrokers, The College Investor’s post got my attention and vote for favorite of this blog swap!

My Swap

I posted about my pick for the best job in the world being a travel guidebook writer and the worst job in the world being a US Airways ticketing agent at Family Money Values.

Briana from 20 and Engaged posted on this site about the various characteristics she looks for in the best and worst jobs in the world.

The Best of the Rest

Bucksome Boomer posted about the traits she looks for in the best and worst jobs in the world at Pinch That Penny.

Pinch that Penny posted about his picks for the best and worst jobs in the world in 1) an insightful way, 2) a sarcastic way, and 3) a day-dreamy way at Bucksome Boomer.

Money for College Project posted about the worst job in the world being a shark safety suit tester at The College Investor.

Family Money Values posted about the characteristics of good and bad jobs and relates this back to jobs she’s experienced in her lifetime at 20 and Engaged.

You Have More Than You Think posted about the President of the USA being the worst job in the world because of limited power and HUGE responsibility at Smart Family Finance.

Smart Family Finance posted about his choice for the best job in the world being a flexible job where he can make people happy and have a chance to excel at You Have More Than You Think.

How about you all? Which post of the ones listed was your favorite? Share your opinion by commenting below!

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    1. I'm glad you liked my post! Thanks for the mention!
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    2. I just think that graphic you have at the top of the post is absolutely terrible looking. It is going to take a decade or more for that green curve to return to baseline.
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      • Yeah, it definitely looks pretty terrible. I actually just grabbed that picture off of the Creative Commons website because I wanted something related to jobs. I must admit that I didn't check where the data was sourced from and if it was valid or not, so some caution is advised.
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