1. NYC city is expensive. I agree about the budgeting and just saving what is left over. I particularly enjoy saving towards saving goals. It helps me feel like I am achieving something. 🙂 Just like planning for a vacation.
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    • Agreed. Thanks for reading Corey! Sorry again it didn't work out for us to meet up in NYC when I was up there!
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  2. Wow, you had that down to a science. Good job, man. The budgeting was awesome AND you stayed below your goal — which is even better. NYC is definitely not cheap either.
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    • Thanks for reading Jon! I made some conservative assumptions when it came to putting together the budget, and I think that was what enabled me to stay within budget effectively.
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  3. We go through a very similar process when planning our trips. Since we are “chronic vacation lovers” – actually more like “chronic wedding attendees” – we save about 12% of our take-home pay toward our Travel savings account. For the past year or so that's worked pretty well for us. Our cost estimations don't go much beyond flight, hotel, and rental car for these events since we don't usually have time for other activities.

    In the next few months we have two events we want to but might not attend and a couple we plan to attend. We have almost-decided to attend a wedding in Costa Rica and make it into a week-long vacation. We can't cover the trip in just our Travel account alone so we will likely pay for it out of the cash we received from our wedding, for which we had no other specific plans. I guess that falls under Reaction 1 (definitely not Reaction 3!). For the second event we'll just have to see what the balance in our Travel account is closer to the event, and what other invitations we've received in the meantime. Because we're on the fence about attending these events we've done more research like you talked about above to determine what the costs will be.

    Thanks for this post! I like seeing how thorough you are in your planning and execution.

    • Sounds like you've got a great planning process Emily! Thanks for sharing.

      As someone in my mid-20's with a good number of friends that are getting married in the next year, I am very familiar with how quickly the costs can add up. Ideally, I'd like to attend all of the weddings, but since I moved away from my home/college town in Arkansas, most if not all of the weddings require that I spend money on a plane ticket to attend. It really puts a dent in the budget.
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  4. We love to travel so we set a vacation budget every year. Our goal is to always pay for a trip in cash. We try to save money on the trip though by finding flight deals, using our feet as transport instead of a car rental, and eating food from grocery stores instead of restaurants. So far we have been able to do quite well.

    • When I was studying abroad in Europe several years ago, I was able to effectively save money by buying food at grocery stores instead of restaurants as well.

      Additionally, when I have stayed in hotels the past several months, I've tried to find ones that have either kitchenettes or microwaves in the rooms. That way, I have a way to prepare the food I buy at grocery stores!
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  5. I use the currency app a lot. It is really handy. I also use the Kayak app to find cheap deals on flights.
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  6. Interesting way to save for a trip. Thanks for all of the detailed tips on budgeting, especially the meal thing.

    • Thanks for reading Fanny! Sometimes with budgeting, as is the case with meal planning, you just have to decide on a figure to use and go with it. I always remind myself that budgets are meant to be 100% correct, just directionally accurate.
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