November 10% Blog Income Give Back Charity Drop

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Several days ago, the points were tallied from the My Personal Finance Journey November 10% Blog Income Give Back. Our Grand Prize winner was Donna B., and our 2nd place prize winner was As such, last Friday (December 2nd), $26.40 and $75 in cash was transferred via PayPal to YFS and Donna B., respectively.

Having processed the the blog reader portion of the November give back, it was time to turn my attention to the question of which of the 10 local charities listed below would receive the $100 charity portion of the give back.

After asking our Grand Prize winner, Donna B., which charity she wanted to see receive the $100 donation, she informed me that her choice was the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank Network. She choose this charity since many food banks are stretched very thin in supplies and funds during the holidays trying to feed everyone. To me, it sure sounded like a great cause I could get behind and would be happy to support.  

So, on Tuesday this week, I soldiered off in the pouring Virginia rain on my bike to deliver the $100 check to the local Blue Ridge Area Food Bank Network branch. It took me about 20 min to bike to the Food Bank, and when I got there, rest assured I was completely drenched (see picture below).

Me heading to deliver the $100 check to the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank Network

After taking off my outer rain repellent jacket, backpack cover, and rain pants, I took a peek around the Food Bank facilities to see what their layout was and what they had to offer. The pictures below show several perspectives of their supplies and the facilities they offer.
Food storage shelves at the Food Bank

Pallets and stock shelves of food at the Food Bank

More storage shelves for food. And, LOTS OF IT! 

Good shot of how much food it takes to feed 110,000 people!

Picture of the loading dock outside of the Food Bank where people can drop off donations. 

After taking a couple pictures, I stopped by the administrative office, filled out the check for $100, asked if they were busy this time of year (the office manager said that they definitely were!), handed over the check, and then donned my rain gear to head to work at the lab!

Overall, it was a truly great experience see that what we do here at My Personal Finance Journey can have a real life impact. Through this charity give back that you all have helped to make possible, we are able to add another pallet or so of food to the stores of this Food Bank, and hopefully, enable someone to have a happier holiday season.

So, thank you all for helping with this journey, and remember to always live for a higher purpose and ask yourself what more you can do to help others.


  1. Awesome! Thanks for braving the weather to help those less fortunate in your area. Although some may think from the photos that they alreadyhad quite a bit of food, that's nothing when you think of how many people they already serve, with more looking for help every day. Happy Holidays to you and your family 🙂

    • Thanks so much for your support SimplyDab! But yeah, the food bank has A TON of people to support in this area. I think they said about 110,000 people is what they support!
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  2. You are an inspiration Jacob. Such a cool idea. Glad you brought the check in a green way too by riding your bike. Makes me proud.

    • No problem Miss T! I actually ride my bike to work every day, so this was just “business as usual.” haha!
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  3. 20sfinances says:

    Very cool! Love the pictures! Can't wait to see next month's giveaway. 🙂
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  4. What a great cause. This was a great idea…and really inspirational. Plus, it gave you some great exercise, right?! ha. Merry Christmas!
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    • You know it! I'd recommend a 10% income giveaway to everyone! It's a great way to promote your site plus give back!
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  5. Very cool to see you willing to help out the less fortunate, even in the face of the rain and cold on a bike!
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  6. Forest Parks says:

    This really is awesome! We just dropped off old stuff and made some donations last week and it felt great. Nice to give when you can.
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