Easy Like Sunday Morning Weekly Recap and Roundup – # 6 – January 22nd, 2012

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Each week, the purpose of the Easy Like Sunday Morning Weekly Recap and Roundup series is the same – for me to be able to connect with you, the readers, on a more personal (non personal finance informational transmission only) level, encourage community, and also to give back to the other bloggers around the blogosphere who have mentioned My Personal Finance Journey throughout the past week.

As far as the theme goes, the title of the roundup gives it away. The roundup theme is named after the Lionel Richie song, Easy Like Sunday Morning (which I play once a week while putting this together), to remind us of the importance of slowing down at least once a week to take appreciation for that which transpired over the past few days.

So, without further ado, let’s get started with this week’s roundup!

Weekly Updates from Jacob’s Personal Finance Journey and Life 

  • As far as my life in general, since Christmas, I have been trying to power through the month of January – working in the lab on my Alzheimer’s disease drug development project and also trying to continue training for the full trail marathon I’m planning to do in March of this year.
    • One thing that I am looking forward to is when the days get longer with Daylight Savings Time finishing. Since I bike ride to and from the lab where I work during the day and don’t get off work until 5 pm or later, it seems that I am ALWAYS riding home in the dark! It’s not too bad since I can ride on sidewalks the whole way, but it does take about 50% longer since I have to hop curves and stop more often than when it is light and I can be on the road.
    • Also – this weekend, my family, girlfriend, and my sister’s boyfriend have embarked on a ski trip to Breckenridge, Colorado for one week. Luckily, it appears that the snow in the Rocky Mountains has FINALLY started to pick back up. It’s been about 2 years since we last went skiing “out West.” Shown below is a picture of my sister and I from our last trip to Breckenridge in December 2009 about to brave the blizzard and do some “easy” slopes. Enjoy! 
    • As far as my personal finances go, the end of 2011 and beginning of 2012 was a busy time with some deep thinking about what I wanted to accomplish financially during the coming year. You can see my resulting financials goals for 2012 by clicking here
      • In addition, the other big development during the Christmas to New Years time period was that I sent in my estimated tax payments for 2011 that I hadn’t paid yet for the entire year (oops!). Lesson learned though – I’ll be sure to be better about this in 2012.
      My sister and I about to go down some ski slopes in 2009 at Breckenridge, Colorado! Fun times! I hope the snow is this good this time! 

      Guest Posts from Personal Finance Bloggers on My Personal Finance Journey

      Over the past couple weeks, there were three guest post here at My Personal Finance Journey.

      -Jason from Frugal Dad posted about The Effects of Reality TV Shows on Reality.
      -Wayne from Young Family Finance posted about Back to the Basics: Control Your Spending.
      -Rob Bennett from A Rich Life posted about Valuation Informed Index Investing

      If you would like to guest post on my site, please click here to read more details about how to kick off the guest posting process. I’d love to hear from you!

      Blasts From the Past

      For the first 6 months after I started this blog, I pretty much “blogged in a cave.” What I mean by this is that I cranked out over 200 very good blog articles in this time period, but since I didn’t know any better, I didn’t reach out to other bloggers, get involved with the online community through commenting on other sites, or do any kind of site promotion at all. As you can imagine, some of the articles written during this time period didn’t get the attention that I think they deserved corresponding to the content contained.

      The Blast from the Past section will feature one old My Personal Finance Journey article each week that I feel is high quality, but was published prior to my blog having any sort of real readership. This week’s article is listed below:

      Best Options for the Cash Portion of Your Retirement Account – This post discusses what an investor is to do with cash that he or she wants to keep in his or her retirement account, given the dismally low interest rates currently being offered. Unfortunately, the verdict is that if you want extreme liquidity in your retirement account, you’re not going to earn much in the way of interest. However, thinking back on this subject/post with what I know now, you might also think about trying a short term bond index fund for a stable investment similar to cash.

      Personal Finance “Mad Props” of the Week Award

      blogosphere, I’ll be so impressed in hearing about what a person did or wrote about, that all I can say to myself is WOW! This section of the roundup will serve as a running “home” for recognizing outstanding achievement.

      Unfortunately, I didn’t come across any candidates for this honor during the past week. 

      If you know of someone in the PF blogging world that is really doing amazing things, feel free to send me an email for consideration in future roundups.


      Listed below are the giveaways I’ve come across in my journey through the personal finance blogosphere this week (along with the links so that you can head over and enter!). It’s great to see everyone giving back to their readers through these promotions. 

      If you’re hosting a giveaway and it’s not listed above, please send me an email to let me know, and I’ll get it included in next week’s roundup!

      Blog Carnivals Featuring My Personal Finance Journey Articles

      ·        Wealth Pilgrim hosted the Carnival of Personal Finance and included 2011 Year-End Financial Goals Review and Progress Update.
      ·        Mother Miser hosted the Totally Money Blog Carnival and included Green Energy Makes Green Money.
      ·        Magical Penny hosted the Festival of Frugality and included Green Energy Makes Green Money.
      ·        Money for College Project hosted their weekly round-up and included The Effects of TV Shows on Reality.
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      ·         Financial Success for Young Adulsts hosted the Carnival of Personal Finance and included Buying the Right Foreclosed House in Today’s Market.
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      ·         Arbor Asset Allocation Model Portfolio (AAAMP) Blog hosted the Self-Directed Investing for Retirement Carnival and included Opening and Managing a Self-Employed Individual / Solo 401(k).
      ·         20’s Finance hosted the Yakezie Carnival and included What Does a Passive Retirement Look Like?
      ·         My University Money hosted the Carnival of Financial Camaraderie and included Four Letters That Will Help You in Your Debt Payoff Journey
      ·         Faith and Finance hosted the Totally Money Carnival and included Money-Saving Travel and Flight Apps
      ·         Living Richly on a Budget hosted the Festival of Frugality and included Vacation Budgeting, Saving, and Execution + An Example of This Process in Action From My Recent Trip to New York City
      ·         Money for College hosted their weekly round-up and included November 10% Blog Income Give Back Charity Drop
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      If you are hosting a carnival that includes (or included) My Personal Finance Journey and I missed listing it here (I don’t get trackbacks since I’m not on WordPress, so I have to rely on direct email and Google Alert notifications), please email me so I can include it in my roundup. Thanks!

      Top 10 Referring Sites to My Personal Finance Journey This Past Week

      1. Yakezie
      2. Free Money Finance
      3. Wise Bread
      4. Tight Fisted Miser
      5. Risk Management Monitor
      6. Invest it Wisely
      7. Wealth Pilgrim
      8. Giveaways Are Sexy
      9. Cav of Risk
      10. Financially Consumed 

      Top 5 My Personal Finance Journey Commenters From the Past Week

      Best Reader Submitted Question From the Past Week

      This section will serve as a running location for any very insightful, high quality questions submitted by readers throughout the week.
      There were no questions submitted this week. However, if you are wondering something about personal finance, please feel free to email me and ask!

      My Other Sites

      Currently, my only other site besides this one is The Carnival of Passive Investing, which runs monthly editions. For the upcoming January 31st edition, we have Paula from Afford Anything as our host, and passive investing author, Mark Hebner, will be assisting to select the top articles. If you have any passive investing posts you’ve written recently, you can submit them to be included in the carnival.

      However, I have several other domain names purchased, and I am currently learning WordPress Self-Hosted to get these sites live as soon as time allows! I’ll be sure to keep you all updated on progress.

      Well, that wraps up this week! If you have any suggestions or recommendations for things you’d like to see in this weekly roundup, just let me know by sending me an email!

      As always, thanks to all the readers for creating such a great community here at My Personal Finance Journey. Your interaction is what keeps me going on this blog!

      Until next time – Jacob

      How about you all? How is your January going for you?!

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